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Old 05-25-2013, 06:56   #76
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Originally Posted by byf43 View Post
My Dad (may he forever Rest in Peace) loved the Parker Jotter!!!
He had several.

When he died, I got them all. They're in my nightstand, along with the pen that I got for him, made from the teak deck, from the USS Iowa.

I don't give a rat's behind what 'status symbol' is needed for writing.
Right now, I have a Bic "Atlantis" on my desk, and a "promotional" pen with my shop's name/address/telephone number on it. It uses Cross re-fills. It writes nicely, so, I carry it.

IF I lose it....... WGAF?????
That's what I like about the Jotter. It's cheap enough that it doesn't hurt to replace it and I know I can pick another one up at almost any store. I bought my first one in college, which was close to 30 years ago and have only had to buy one replacement. I can afford a much fancier pen, but I have no desire. The Parker does everything I want and I don't really care if it gets lost.

...because as soon as I buy an expensive pen, I *will* lose it or break it. I learned that lesson with sunglasses too, which is why I never pay more than $20 for a pair of sunglasses.
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As has already been mentioned here several times already, the Pilot G2 is my daily pen. I'm a teacher and often need a pen, so I have a lanyard around my neck that has a black, a red, and a blue G2. I like them so much that I ordered a box of each and refills.
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Originally Posted by Bushflyr View Post

Ditto. I actually use the CC Embassy pen in stainless every day at work. It does take some getting used to, but it is 100% manly pen.

The Okie Corral
Mine are in Titanium and also Copper.
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Old 05-25-2013, 16:48   #79
Huaco Kid
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Originally Posted by GVFlyer View Post
He's a Penguin, and probably writes poorly.
Does any Czechoslovakian know how to write well? Yes. They all do. They are skilled in the art of epithet. It's just really hard to do it with those big gloves on.

He wears one of those pens, in his t-shirt, under his pads. It hasn't left an embarrassing ink stain yet. (But, them girls from Ottawa can't shoot that hard, anyway.)

He's got autographs to do, n'at.
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Old 05-25-2013, 17:02   #80
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I also prefer the G2 (blue ink -- makes it easier to tell the difference between the original copy from a Xeroxed copy). Unfortuantely, the cheap-***ed state agency I work for makes you bring your own pens, white out etc.
Veni, Vidi, Velcro (I came, I saw, I stuck around) :supergrin:
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Old 05-25-2013, 23:33   #81
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Daily Cary is a Mont Blanc ballpoint.
Rollerball is water based ink. Ballpoint is oil based ink.
Super smooth and doesn't spread on the forms I use at work.
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Old 05-26-2013, 05:43   #82
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Originally Posted by Hamguy View Post
Fisher Bullet Space Pen Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen - Matte Black, Gift Boxed (400B): Office Products

About 4" long capped. Rides nicely in the front pocket. I hate not having a pen on me.
that is exactly what i excellent pen.......i almost lost it one day when i dropped it and rolled under the coveyor belt at work....had to get a broom to get it out....LOL
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I use whatever pen I can find. The only time I use a pen is to sign my name or write a ticket...

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Originally Posted by obxemt View Post
Every time an officer accepts or receives a warning, someone in GNG poops their pants.
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I use Zebra 201s at work, good utilitarian pen, writes well and you can get refills just about anywhere. Used to use Parker ball points, they write well too.
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How DUI enforcement should really work.
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