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Originally Posted by FCastle88 View Post
So it's okay for elderly drivers to put others at risk because they can't help getting old, but everyone with a BAC of .05 should automatically be made a criminal because a few people might be unsafe to drive at that BAC? Interestingly, many of the effects of a .05 BAC that he posted are pretty similar to the effects of old age. Someone should take a group of random drivers age 20-40, get them to a BAC of .05 and tested their reaction time, fine motor skills, visual acuity and driving skills. Then run the same tests with a group of random drivers age 70-90 who are completely sober. I'd bet a good bit of money that the younger group still scores better.

People with a BAC under .08 can still be charged with DUI if they're obviously impaired, so why does the limit at which they are automatically a criminal need to be lowered? What should be done is drivers have to take a test on a simulator that tests their driving skills, reaction time, visual acuity, etc., when they renew their license, or at least every 10 years or so. Someone else already mentioned maybe they could even test your impairment at various BAC levels, then put your safe level on your license. Or just put a small computer running a simulator in police cars and at DUI checkpoints to determine if drivers really are impaired.

FYI, I do mostly drink at home. Occasionally I go out and have a beer or two with dinner, then drive home an hour or so later. I'm 220 lbs, a couple beers with dinner does nothing to me, I'm not even close to .05. However, I still don't think people who out and have a few drinks should automatically be criminals.

A couple months ago I was at the DMV and there was an ancient woman ahead of me getting her hunting license.

Her daughter had to fill out all of her paperwork because she couldn't hold a pen. They gave her the basic eye test and when she left, she couldn't even open the door and could hardly walk out.

But she had her hunting license!
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Pretty stupid law to begin with, the % of blood alchol doesnt meant tons because even at a given height/weight/body-type blood volume can cary widely. Which will obviously effect the % in the blood but not necessarily drunkenness...
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