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Old 05-01-2013, 05:41   #101
Dalton Wayne
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I don't drink and despise drunks
As Stephen F. Roberts so famously said speaking with a Christian apologist "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."
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Last time I had an adult beverage of any type was before noon, on July 9th, 2004. That was when my wife said she was going to take the kids and leave right then if I didn't stop drinking.

I LOVED drinking, most anything (except tequila! - made my stomach turn, almost literally!). Especially grew to like the hard stuff like vodka and whiskey. They got you drunk faster without filling you up like beer. Also, clear alcohols give less of a hangover. And you can add vodka to almost anything without making it obvious you're drinking. Replacing the water with vodka in water bottles is a great way to drink all day, and look like you are just drinking water. Make sure to rip off the label of the water bottle, and get one that is a little dirty, so you won't confuse it with straight water and no one else will want to drink out of it.

Yea, I drank. A lot. In the end it is just not worth it.

If you can drink moderately, enjoy it! If you find yourself drinking during your regular work day, or worse at breakfast, stop drinking completely. Just "cutting back" to weekends, or evenings only, will only grow to all day again. Stop completely and continue with your life.

Also, don't think other people don't know you are drinking. You can't hide alcohol breath. I can smell if someone has been drinking, now that I don't drink. Like cigarettes, you really can't hide the alcohol smell.

Well, off to work!
Just because it is a dumb, easily resolved issue, doesn't mean you should stop doing it. - sorry I forget which GT'er posted this...

I'm not angry, I'm just loud. - Friend's son.
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Don't drink alcohol, never have. Don't have anything against anyone drinking alcohol except if they get behind a wheel of a car, then I will personally call the cops to come nab you and I don't care if you are a friend or family.

Grew up in a family of alcoholics and it was not a pleasant childhood which carried into adulthood.

Besides, never could understand why anyone would not want to maintain control of their mental faculties.

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I'm 74 years old and have never drunk alcoholic beverages. I hate the taste; I hate drunken party-goers, drunk drivers, bars, and the horrendous carnage - car wrecks, fights, mayhem, child and spouse abuse - inflicted by drunks. Alcoholic beverages are among the worst creations of our species.
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Old 05-01-2013, 08:23   #105
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Originally Posted by clancy View Post
Perhaps you are fortunate to have grown up in a family that has no horror stories related to alcohol. For some of us the nightmarish memories caused by alcohol are very real.
No one questioned if they were real or not. I'm sure they're very real, as how most of the horrible things EVERYONE has had to go through are. Though, regardless if I've went through it or not, I'm not going to go around preaching, guilt tripping, and waving a finger at people who drink just because I had family members/friends who were addicts.

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Old 05-01-2013, 08:37   #106
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I don't. Never have, never will. I dont know anybody that ruined their life by not drinking.

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Old 05-01-2013, 08:50   #107
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Used to about 30+ years ago until I gave blood to the Red Cross and they told me I had Hep B. Went to dr to find out more and was told I could live a long time or a longer time if I quit drinking because alcohol and Hep B destroyed vital organs.

Also was a big James Bond movies fan. It always seemed that James got into trouble when he drank or was with strange women. Haven't had a drink since.
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming----WOW----WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!!! - unknown author
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Old 05-01-2013, 08:53   #108
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Never have, never will.

Why? Never appealed to me and the damage it does is disgusting.
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My earliest, and continuing memories are of severe Migraines. Later I found they also were triggered by most fermented Alcoholic beverages.

I don't drink out of abject fear of Migraines. They're debilitating, and took a great portion of my life. Pain and fear are great motivators. The Migraines are now gone, but the fear of them remains.

"Peace is that brief, glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading". Anonymous

Earp: Not everyone who knows you hates you.
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you savvy?
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welp, muslims and baptist dont drink booze, when anybody's looking.
with Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana, Nyssa, and Tegan.

Facts are no match against enthusiasm and ignorance...
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I grew up in a household with one alcoholic and one heavy drinker (not the same thing) for parents. I've seen some pretty nasty fights between them.

But that's not why I don't drink.

A lot of direct family relations (uncles, in particular) have history of over-indulging in alcohol and other substances. I don't know if there's any truth to the issue of hereditary substance addictions.

But that's not why I don't drink.

Aside from when I was a kid, sippin' off my dad's beer, I've had a total of many 1/2 a beer's worth of alcohol, the last time being in 1996. That time was me sampling a beer, just to see if I liked it.

No, the reason I don't drink is because I can't stand the taste of it. Beer, wine, liquor, it all smells and tastes EXACTLY the same to me - like crap. All I can taste is the alcohol. Not fruit or other flavors. It hits my stomach and it burns, and not in the "spreading warmth" way I've heard people describe, but more like I just swallowed a hot coal.

I hang out with a pretty heavy-drinking crowd. Most of the time, it's social drinking, but from time-to-time, it's sloppy-falling-down-drunk drinking. And I have a lot of fun with all of them! I don't judge anyone, and no one judges me (though I still get the occasional shocked "You don't drink at ALL?" kind of questions).

The plus side is the Martini bar we usually frequent doesn't charge for soda when I'm in the group (maybe they think I'm a DD? I don't know).

There are a lot of reasons to not drink - family history, bad past, whatever - and there are plenty of reasons that people want to drink. And none of them are wrong. Some might lead to bad conclusions, but there's nothing wrong either way, and no one owes me any explanations, either way.
"If you have something to say, now would be a perfect time to keep it to yourself." --Col. Chester Phillips
"If you believe everything you read, better not read." --Japanese proverb
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Originally Posted by Golddog View Post
I'm 74 years old and have never drunk alcoholic beverages. I hate the taste; I hate drunken party-goers, drunk drivers, bars, and the horrendous carnage - car wrecks, fights, mayhem, child and spouse abuse - inflicted by drunks. Alcoholic beverages are among the worst creations of our species.
I remember the exact opposite. Family members having great times together, enjoying some beers or a bourbon and coke. No fights, no DUI's, no arguments, no drunks, no carnage. Just responsible adults all with good jobs/careers and families having a good time.
RIP Okie

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I believe in moderation. I never drink or smoke while asleep.
Cocked, locked, and ready to rock!

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I drink light beer so I guess that's sort of not drinking.
Birds and Alligators
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Bill Powell
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Up until mid 1965 I, along with all my buddies, would party til we puked every chance we got. Then, one night I drove home from a party with my wife and child, got home, and realized I didn't remember the trip. The trip went through two small mountain passes.

That killed my interest in seeing two of everything.
Stoicism is nothing to get excited about....
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I buy a six or twelve pack of beer, and it last me from 2-6 months. I ran out of beer 5 months ago and haven't bought more since.

I'm not opposed to it i just don't do it often, I rarely have one if offered it socially. I only accept if the Mrs. is driving. She accepts less often than I do.
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Steel Head
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I retired from drinking a bit over 10 years ago.

Reason-it was time and Snohomish county,Wa highly recommended it

I drink fake beer occasionally and I miss bar fluzzies but life is much simpler with a lot less drama and all my friends are top notch.
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Traveling Man
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I occasionally drink. But never to excess. Not sure if that meets the intent of the OP question.

I used to get drunk, but last time was in 1999, when I was still in college. Haven't been drunk since. Don't like losing control and there are other things I prefer to spend my money on.

I may have 12 beers and a few glasses of Bourbon or Scotch or wine in a year. Never more than 1 drink a day, and days and weeks pass between drinks.
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Like many I was a big drinker when I was younger. Last drink was on my last deployment about 10 years ago.

There is no moral element to my decision to quit. Many of my friends and family drink. Some socially. Some more so. I have bought beer as gifts (big beer movement at work right now). My wife enjoys a glass of wine from time to time and that is fine by me. Just no longer interested.
"When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
-- Thomas Jefferson
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I haven't had a drop of alcohol since 2001. I stopped because I downed a whole bottle of whiskey straight in 45 minutes. Before I got destroyed I followed it with 2 two liters of Coke and a large bag of Salsa Verde Doritos. I remember missing my shot with the best looking girl I have ever seen (looks determined before I started drinking) when she approached me and I was wasted sitting in a shopping cart in my neighbor's front yard while being loud and laughing. The following morning I was still drunk, had only a slight hangover (closest I've ever come having one) and couldn't take a crap without shooting firey turd chunks for 3 days. I don't remember how I got home, but believe it was on foot since I didn't drive that night. The neighbors that gave me the whiskey still say they are surprised I didn't die from alcohol poisoning. That was the hardest I ever drank.

This last Thanksgiving my sister and her husband were visiting. She could tell work was stressing me out and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels for me to enjoy. I never touched it. When she went back home she took the bottle with her, still unopened.

I don't drink soda either. Water, skim milk, and the occasional Crystal Light peach or raspberry tea for me.

I don't mind being around people that drink. I just won't. I don't like myself while drink and the next morning.

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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
THIS IS A NO JUDGEMENT THREAD!!! People state their reason and that is that, whatever it may be.

Is there anyone here who doesnt drink at all?

Would you mind telling us why?
No, I donít drink alcohol due the number of drugs I take to keep me alive.
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Nope, never have. I think I had one drink of some kind of hard drink early in HS and one drink of wine at some other point down the line, but that's it.

Had no interest in HS because I was (probably too) extremely serious about my weight lifting and football. I regret being so serious about football, and wish I would've shifted that effort over to WLing.

In college, I was almost always worn completely out and studying during times people were drinking. As I posted in another thread, engineering school was brutally difficult. It was worse for me because I came from an academically weak rural HS. I was on the powerlifting team also, so was training pretty seriously year-round.

After that: family. Again, no interest, nor time. Fast forward 17 years and situation's the same.

It's very good that I don't drink. I've come to understand that I have a very over-the-top addictive personality. I'll over-do anything I do, or I won't do it at all. Little middle ground. I would probably destroy myself if I drank.
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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
i've thought long and hard about changing it, but then i'd have to remember a whole new username and password, and i'd feel like some sort of wuss for dropping my name, almost like i was trying to hide my past.

i am who i am and i've done what i've done. good or bad i am known by my name and by my word.
I would suggest you leave it alone. It will help phsycologically to keep yourself in-check. Also will serve as a testimony to help others. I know you don't believe on this, and I respect that, but God works in mysterius ways.
Don't take it personal, is no my intent to offend.
A good firearm, is the one that puts food on the table.
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I don't. I get to be a Super Hero, stupid and lose control.. That was a long long long time ago.

When people tell you what you did the prior night and you have no memory what-so-ever doing it it is time to take control back of yourself.
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Orive 8
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I can't say that I have never drunk alcohol; but I can say that in my 50 years; I have never been drunk and that I have only tried alcohol around 2 dozen times.

I don't drink cuz I don't see any reason to drink. I don't like being around people that "have to drink" to have a good time, same goes for my wife. We have always been able to have a good time without needing a drink.

The last few years we have been getting together with a 3 other couples for a game night once a month/or every other month. Alcohol is present, and I have tried a few "concoctions" that have been made, but I still drink my Coke (now Coke Zero - part of my recent decision to loose some weight, 28 lbs lost with another 5 to go!).

On a side note; what is cool about our game night is 7 out of the 8 present CCW daily; the one that does not is my friend's wife who works as a Corrections Sgt. Very cool to get together with like minds!
Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.
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