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Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
Am I the only one here who still uses POP3/SMTP and does not care about the web interface?

Also, am I the only one here who reads e-mail on his own schedule, without waking up every time a new message is received?
Same here.
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Drain You
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Originally Posted by BobbyS View Post
You can't really HATE anything.......unless you are an old white dude!
I'm working on it.

Originally Posted by geofri View Post
This really gets to me!
I don't want that interconnection! Email is not you tube, I have separate accounts and want them separate!

Originally Posted by NorthCarolinaLiberty View Post
Yes, it's maddening, especially since there are only about a zillion other email hosting sites out there.
A zillion other hosting sites has nothing to do with my or most other people's lives. Android phone, tablet, Youtube, Googlevoice, they all use Gmail. The thread is not about the email account out there, the thread is about a crappy email being used to access popular services.

Originally Posted by N4LP View Post
If Youtube and GoogleVoice were provided by other companies you'd have to have multiple accounts, so this doesn't really seem like a negative. You can choose to have multiple accounts, or you can choose not to.
Having multiple accounts would actually be my preference. The only browser I'm having any luck with currently is Chrome. One browser, always signed in. If I want to go into one service using a different account, it changes the sign in for all of them. I don't want to be signing in and out and using the wrong account to send stuff randomly.
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Old 04-22-2013, 09:26   #28
Drain You
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So I think the solution to this is to stop using my Gmail as the address I give people and do business with. Leave the acct associated with my phone for contact/calendar sync.. use it for Google Voice & Youtube.

Find an app that supports the new Hotmail and go with that. See on gmail, you get spam and you have a delete forever button... with Hotmail you have an option to "sweep" the account. Meaning you can forever block all of the email accounts that sent you spam or even their domain names.

Gmail is just horrible.
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I use Yahoo, Gmail, Fastmail, Hotmail...... Gmail is my current "primary" email with the others being used for some junk and other uses.

I have no problems at all with Gmail. I don't care for the new
"compose" feature and would like to switch back away from it. Anyone know how to do this?

Also, I wish Gmail had more fonts to offer.

Finally, if you haven't tried Fastmail you should set up an account. It is really "fast" and seems to get better each year. The link is "". Give it a try.
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Originally Posted by Hauptmann6 View Post
Same here.
Pop3 is old school.

No use for it anymore, better options available.
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Old 04-22-2013, 12:45   #31
It can be done
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I didn't care for gmail the brief period I used it. I had yahoo for years, but don't like their new format much at all. I got a new @live email and have been really happy with that so far. The spam filtering seems to work really well without losing email I want to get.

I dropped gmail when it became a youtube login as well, it just seemed stupid to tie all that together. I really like having seperate accounts with different user names and passwords for each. It is a more secure way to use the internet in my experience.

All my other email runs through our servers and works fine. But I don't like running non-business email through those addresses.

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