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Issues with new glock 20sf

Hoping I can get some help.
I just picked up a brand new glock 20 SF. I bought the only 10 mm ammunition available pm bronze 200gr fmj/tc,
I shot my new baby and experienced something I never have new glock choked!
In the box of 50 pmc I had 5 failure to eject. The spent cartridge was partially ejected and the slide was trying to feed the next cartridge from the magazine. I also had the slide lock back a few times when ammo was still in magazine. After the first instance of slide lock back on a full magazine I took care to make sure l was not bumping slide lock with my fingers,it still happened multible times.
Have any of you experienced issues such as these? If so,might you share your solution?
Thank you for helping!
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Besides improper hand position, the next most likely cause of a slide locking open early is an incorrectly installed slide stop lever. Verify that the slide stop lever spring is installed under the locking block pin.

Photo courtesy of Glock Talk member Butch
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Years ago (many years, Glock 36's were just coming out), I purchased a new G36.

Took it to the range and had many, many instances of the slide locking back with ammo still in the magazine.

Trouble shooting the problem showed that it had the WRONG slide stop lever installed. The G36 had a 9mm-gun slide stop lever installed.

The tab on the 9MM (G17, G19, G26, et cetera) slide stop lever stuck out just far enough into the operating envelope of the incoming round from the mag that sometimes that round "tripped" the lever and pre-maturely locked the slide open.

The way to check for this is to field strip the gun and insert a loaded mag into the grip frame. Check to see if the small tab on the slide stop lever is sticking out into the operating envelope of the incoming round.

This is what the problem lever looked like - you can see where the tab will get in the way of the round being loaded.

General Glocking

And this is what the solution looked like (I reshaped the tab to clear the incoming round).

General Glocking

You can also use this modification of the tab to make a 9MM Extended slide stop lever function in a G36. (Glock does not have a Extended slide stop lever to fit the G36. All the ones you see for sale on the various Websites are 9MM levers that have been modified.)
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@NewportNewsMike: Nice pics and advice.
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