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Old 04-10-2013, 11:05   #1
Sherlock Glock
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Remington is crawling into bed with Cuomo and Bloomberg.

ILION, N.Y. Remington Arms will be staying in the Mohawk Valley for the foreseeable future. Two days after sources say Remington Officials met with three State Senators and three Assembly, U.S. Congressman Richard Hanna announced that the Pentagon would be awarding Remington an $80 million contract.
In the meeting, sources say, Remington told the State lawmakers that they were moving forward with a $20 million upgrade to their plant that employs 1,200 people.
Hanna said that the contract calls for Remington to make more than 5,000 sniper rifles and millions of rounds over the next 10 years for the U.S. Special Operations Command.
Concerns were raised about the company's future in Herkimer County after the Legislature passed a law banning the sale of military-style rifles, including the Bushmaster product made at the Remington plant. Since the law was passed in mid-January, other states have shown interest in having Remington relocate the plant.

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At what point does Remington "crawl into bed with cuomo and bloomberg"?

they are a huge company that was just awarded a contract by the FEDERAL government (not state or local) would be idiotic to uproot and move now.

(oh noezzzz...maybe remington is making these weapons so the government can use them against us!)
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Green Mountain Boy
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Basically this implies that local government was able to infulence federal government into awarding a contract in order to keep the company there. My guess would be that whatever contract they were awarded was discussed months ago and RFP's or the like were out for a while.

I can see the pandering taking place but I don't know if I buy such a quick turnaround time regarding awardi9ng a contract soley based on the companies decisiion to stay or go.

Regards, GMB
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i don't see where Remington is crawling in bed with anyone.
Their plant is already located there, and has been for years. JUst because they got an $80,000,000.00 contract doesn't mean they crawled into bed. The contracts don't just appear out of thin air, at a moments notice. The contract has probably been in the bidding process for a year or more.

I don 't agree with everything any company does. They all do things I don't agree with. If they make a good product and I want it I will buy it. Plant location doesn't matter to me.

People that buy U S branded cars, are supporting more workers in other countries, as most are made in Canada and Mexico, not the U S.
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In order for there to be something nefarious going on, there must be an exchange or action that was considered to be unethical.

Remington has been in NY for a long, long time.

NY has become hostile to gun owners and manufacturers.

Remington is in the middle of bidding on a contract to produce a bunch of stuff for the US government. They meet with state politicians and tell them that they will be expanding their factory and spending $20 million in the local economy, if they decide to stay in NY.

A couple of days after the meeting, Remington wins the contract.

The implication is that Remington hinted to the State politicians that if they wanted Remington to stay in NY, then they should pull some strings with the feds to get Remington the contract.

This is a completely legitimate business practice.

However, I can see some more passionate advocates of the RKBA as viewing Remington as "selling out" for staying in NY and alledgedly using the issue of more constrictive gun laws as a pawn in making more money.
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They've been a "fudd" company for a long time. Their civilian marketing now specializes in shotguns, hunting rifles, fuddified AR pattern rifles, and mediocre 1911s.
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Old 04-10-2013, 16:26   #7
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They were never going anywhere-all those union drones would never leave.
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The only Remington firearm I own was made by the typewriter company.
Gun owners who vote for democrats are too stupid to own guns.
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Originally Posted by cesaros View Post
At what point does Remington "crawl into bed with cuomo and bloomberg"?

they are a huge company that was just awarded a contract by the FEDERAL government (not state or local) would be idiotic to uproot and move now.

(oh noezzzz...maybe remington is making these weapons so the government can use them against us!)
It would be nice if they said screw NY and moved to Montana, but I can only imagine how expensive and disruptive that would be.

Isn't Magpul a relatively small and flexible operation by comparison? Someone could enlighten me maybe.
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Federal contracts awarded in a matter of hours? Days? Weeks? Months? I thought the bid process just for toilet paper alone took a year plus... HH
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I think some here are unaware of how the federal contracts are awarded. I wish things could be flexible but it is not. The process is very regimented and still, there are many protests by those who fail to win. It is a very tough environment for both the federal government and those bidding on contracts.

Businesses are there to make money. The last thing a business wants to do is land a contract and fail to deliver. I have seen it happen and it is a slippery financial slope when a business fails to perform the deliverables.
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