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Carl Spangler
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Originally Posted by riggs20009 View Post
I've been doing a lot of research on getting into reloading and have settled on the Dillon 650. However, it seems that a lot of the non-core accessories can be bought for less than Dillon offers or the popular alternative, Brian Enos, for a savings of about $250.

I want the quality, warranty and scalability of 650 and am willing to pay for it, but I don't want to spend extra on all the other gear where there is not critical difference. So I did some looking around for alternatives and came up with the following list:

There are a bunch of things in the list that it seems you can get at a lower price from Amazon, Harbor Freight, etc. In the link above, I've provided direct links to the specific items.

I'm sharing it here so others might benefit (if I'm right). Or, if I'm wrong about any of these call me out on it! Particularly, the case tumbler I list from Harbor Freight - is this a better option? Or am I missing something?

- Riggs

Here's a copy of the list without the links to the items in Amazon, etc.:

Item Price Vendor
XL 650 Reloading Press $566.95 Dillon
Caliber Conversion Kit #1 (.223) $0 Dillon
Powder measure $0 Dillon
Instructional DVD $19.95 Dillon
Spare Parts Kit $25.95 Dillon
Powder Check System $68.95 Dillon
Die Set #1 (.223) $63.95 Dillon
Case Gage #1 (.223) $25.95 Dillon
Scale (Electronic) $32.44 Frankford Arsenal (Amazon)
Primer Flip Tray $6.8 Hornady (Amazon)
Calipers (Digital) $20.85 Frankford Arsenal (Amazon)
Loading Manual $22.99 Lyman 49th (Amazon)
Case Tumbler $49.99 Chicago Electric (Harbor Freight)
Case Seperator $43.53 RCBS (Amazon)
Cleaning Media $23.95 Dillon
Bullet puller $15.47 Frankford Arsenal (Amazon)
Case Lube $8.95 Dillon
I have the FA digital scale and it has worked fine for me. Comes with a cal weight. At the very least I would rec this as a good backup.

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F106 Fan
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Originally Posted by Carl Spangler View Post
I have the FA digital scale and it has worked fine for me. Comes with a cal weight. At the very least I would rec this as a good backup.

But the calibration weight is absolutely useless as a check weight. What you want to know is whether the scale is correctly reading 5 grains (for example), not 250 grams (or whatever comes in the box)!

A lot of people just use the calibration weight and call it good. They really need to check against weights similar to what they are loading.

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Steel Head
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Originally Posted by PCJim View Post
Check weights, ummmmm.

Finally decided to own my own. Bought the RCBS set and checked the Chargemaster and the 5-0-5. Both read exactly the same using the RCBS weights - very good to know.

Very interestingly, each of the 2gr weights weigh slightly more than the stated amount. This was confirmed on both scales. Without those 2gr weights in the pan, both scales are dead on up to the maximum you can get with the set, close to 60gr.

I hate to say it, but it appears from my set that check weights aren't always 100% reliable.
I get the same results with my 2 grain rcbs weights
The rest read perfect.

I was lucky with my cheap scale experience as I was loading a starting levels, had I been loading near or at max bad things may have occurred

Don't cheap out on scales and defiantly get a check weight set ASAP.
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Originally Posted by hiwayman44 View Post
Hate to argue, but I have 2 frankford digi scales and they both weigh the exact same as my 505 beam scale and have since I bought them some years ago.
Have you checked them with check wts? Have you left them on & checked them again in say 30min? The one I had would drift & or not hold zero. Same for the cheap little Hornady. So again, IMO, there are no good/cheap dig scales. Guys, the pwoder charge is THE MOST important thing you do reloading. Cheap out on Lee dies or FA calipers, but buy a quality scale. There is no such thing as a little mistake w/ many of the pistol powders.
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I used a thumbler’s tumbler for years,never liked fighting with the o-ring that seals the drum closed. The older you get the harder it is to manipulate with your fingers, and it also cracks and breaks. The drive mechanism also uses an o-ring which stretches and then fails to turn the tumbler.

I bought a vibrating tumbler from Midway (their brand) about 10 years ago and I have been very happy with it. Just put a capful of Nufinishcar polish in the media every couple of uses and the cases will come out shiny and a little slick, helps keep your sizing die in good shape.

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reloading, reloading cost
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