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How many rounds are enough?

Mas, I have read much of your work and respect your opinion. With the recent legislation passed in NY, and upcoming infringements being attempted, I had a couple questions I thought you may have the answers to. First, what is the average round count in an actual firefight? If you carried only 7 rounds on your person, what would the odds be that you would run out before the threat was neutralized? I believe that police stats on this would be applicable to civilians, since we are carrying to protect against the same threats as the police. The police state they "need" an exemption to this law, but for some reason civilians do not?

I am blessed to live in the same state as you, but have quite a few yank friends up in NY that are freaking out right now. Thanks for your time and keep up the great service to the rest of us.
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Mas Ayoob
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Backwater, I know of no empirical data base on shots fired by private citizens in self-defense. I agree with you that since cops and citizens are armed against the same criminals, local police are a reasonable predictor of what might be needed. Most police, in NY state and elsewhere, carry fully loaded double stack service pistols. And in uniform, usually two spare magazines.

The current (February 2013) issue of American Rifleman, in its long standing Armed Citizen column, lists seven incidents. In each there was only one ARMED citizen taking action.

In only two of those cases was the Good Guy up against a single Bad Guy. In three cases, the armed citizen faced two to one odds. In the other two cases, there were FOUR criminals against the single armed citizen.

With only seven shots on the victims' side, the odds are not good.

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