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45 super loads

Loaded up a few test rounds using fresh starline 45 super brass, 200 gr speer gold dot hollow points and power pistol. I just wanted to get an idea how they were gonna be so i only loaded 5 rnds per load. I loaded 5 with 9.0 gr that averaged around 1020 fps, 5 with 9.2 gr that averaged 1050 fps and 5 with 9.4 gr that didnt seem to be any faster than the 9.2 gr load strangely enough. The temp outside was a little over 30 degrees. None of the loads showed any signs of pressure and my goal was 1100 fps. I'm tempted to load some at 9.5 gr but i'm wondering if in the summer with 70+ degree temps if those same loads will be a whole lot different. Anyone have experience with upper level power pistol loads in different temps they could share?
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I don't know anything about .45 Super, where did you get your data?

When you increase powder and velocity doesn't increase as well, you might consider that you have reached the MAX with that powder.

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It's hard to come up with data when there almost isn't any. I must note that I shoot these out of a Gen4 Glock 21 with a KKM 4-port compensated barrel, which is right at 5" long. Although I have a few 200gr Gold Dots lying around, I mainly use 200gr XTPs. But with Power Pistol, my max load is 11.3gr for a muzzle velocity of just over 1,350 fps. I wouldn't shoot such a load in the stock G21 barrel.

Here is one link on some Super data:
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Here is some of the original published load data along with other load testing. Read through the whole thread for all of the information.

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