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I was looking into getting a throwdown hone for work and/or kayaking. I am not planning on using it much. The other pay as you go plans want you to add minutes each month or few months to keep the phone active. I do not want to end up with 3,000 minutes on phone I will use no more than 30 per year.

I have tried looking at Tracfone's website and it doesn't say anything about it. Or at least not easy to find.

Anyone have one and know?
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Caver 60
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Had one for quite a few years for both the wife and I. You do have to add minutes every 90 days for the cheapest plan.

For the wife, she almost never uses hers, so she's got plenty of minutes. But the cost is still well less than 10 bucks a month. I buy the 90 day 60 minute card for her. I'm satisfied.

I use mine about a thousand minutes a year. I have the double minutes plan and buy a one hundred dollar card. With the double minutes plan and their bonus offers, that almost always gets me through the year. Still less than 10 bucks a month.

Our phones have no extra bells and whistles, because we don't want or need them. We don't even text. My sons use the same plans, with no bells and whistles either. Saves a bunch of money.

ETA I still get excellent service. I associate with people who have the fancy high dollar phones and we frequently travel in the out of doors where there is limited or no service.

If my friends have a signal, I have a signal. If fact i've had them borrow mine on occasion, because their high dollar phone didn't have a signal.

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Inyo Tim
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Originally Posted by Caver 60 View Post
If my friends have a signal, I have a signal. If fact i've had them borrow mine on occasion, because their high dollar phone didn't have a signal.
Same here. I've been a Tracfone user for about 10 years with no problems. About 10 months ago my original phone died and Tracfone transferred all the minutes to my new phone.
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I have one for years. Buy the Double Minutes for life card and your good to go. I have a $10 one and so far its ok. It's a pain in the butt to text and the only thing I really wish to get next time would just be able to Google Map.
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Sam Spade
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I've got one that I use to call hookers and dopers. You can get minutes at pretty much any convenience store.

Neat thing is that you can get a phone with a different area code than where you live.
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Wife and I got two tracfones this week. $29.95 of of Amazon. The phones come with Triple minutes for life meaning any card I buy to reaload gets tripled. Bought a 60 min. card ($19.95) and have 180 minutes and it's actually good for three months.

I probably won't use the minutes up, but still that's less than $7.00/month for a cell phone. Down side is if you text a lot (we don't) it costs .3 of a minute/per outgoing text.

ETA the phones we purchased also have the number of minutes left and date of expiration on the face screen which is nice. Didn't have that on my prepaid Alltel phone a while back.
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My wife has a tracfone. Shop for a phone with double or triple minutes, then buy a $99 one year card and you are done. If they are like Net10 (same company) you can find deals like double minutes or other perks and you may find it cheaper to buy time in smaller increments. I know I had 5000+ minutes on my Net10 phone when I converted to a Virgin Mobile smart phone. I was never going to use them so it was like money in an accout that you can't get into, it has no real value.

We do the year thing because my wife would rather just have a phone, not turn it unless the car is upside down and never have to think about it otherwise.
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I got a TracFone last month. Bought a $60 LG840G which gives me triple minutes on a 60,120 or 180 minute air card. Airtime is good for 90 days. I buy aircards at Wallymart. Cards from TracFone will add surcharges for 911, etc.

I'm now on AT&T. Good or bad, time will tell.

Always remember, when you make a phone call, the meter is running. One minute and one second equals two minutes. Porting your present phone number to TracFone may take a full day with free activation. Activate your TracFone on their website to earn free minutes and avoid the hassle of speaking to someone with limited knowledge of English.

You can send a text in 20 seconds.

Thus far, I'm pleased with TracFone.
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Works great. CDMA service is better at the house

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