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So, most of the crew in LA are on board, but lately, I been worried about how our one and only Dem. senator is going to vote when the time comes. So I've been calling and pestering her office with endless emails. This latest one I've got is cryptic. I can only conclude that she will side with the pro 2A crowd since I assume she wants to be reelected in 2014.

January 7, 2013

Dear Mr. X:
My prayers and greatest sympathy go out to the families and community of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, and to all families that have been affected by gun violence. On December 14, 2012, twenty-seven innocent lives were taken from us in a heartbreaking tragedy. As the nation grieves over this senseless act of violence, it is more important than ever that we come together to address the issues affecting American communities.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the rights of all Americans to own and possess guns. While preserving the rights of honest gun collectors, sportsmen and owners who possess firearms for traditionally lawful purposes, we must also continue to ensure that we protect innocent unarmed citizens. I am sure you can agree - like any right guaranteed to a free people, the right to bear arms must be exercised responsibly.

Unfortunately, in the past year, we have seen instances where this right has been abused in tragic fashion. The theater shooting in Aurora, CO, the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, WI, and the school shooting in Newtown, CT, were terrible and unnecessary tragedies. Occurrences such as these remind me of the important role that government plays in upholding statutes that aim to limit such tragedies.

We must do more to target the causes of mental illness and determine the most effective ways to treat it. I support and will continue to strongly advocate for expanded and improved mental health coverage so that the mentally ill can obtain adequate treatment to not only overcome their struggles, but to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

I also support strict adherence of federally licensed firearms dealers to the requirements laid out in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The NICS determines the eligibility of an individual to purchase a firearm and explicitly prohibits those who have been legally determined to be mentally ill or committed to a mental institution from purchasing any weapons.

Currently, there is no gun control legislation scheduled for a vote. However, I believe that when evaluating future proposals, we must find a balanced way to address the safety of American citizens while ensuring Second Amendment rights granted under the Constitution. Please be assured that I value your input and will keep it in mind as we continue to address this issue in the 113th Congress.

I appreciate hearing from you on this matter, and I trust that you will continue to contact me on matters of mutual concern. Please feel free to visit my website at for more information on my legislative priorities.
With warm regards, I am

Mary Landrieu
United States Senator

This what my House rep Scalise had to say:

Dear Mr. X:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. On December 14, 2012, America was shocked to learn of the horrific massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. As parents of two young children, my wife Jennifer and I are deeply saddened by this horrific tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the twenty young children and six faculty members who were murdered.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that we must do everything we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. We must prosecute those who take the lives of others to the fullest extent of the law. I am also committed to making sure we have strong laws on the books and that we provide the resources necessary to law enforcement and the judicial system in order to make our communities, including our schools, safer. In addition, we need to do a better job of treating people with mental illnesses so they are properly diagnosed and treated.
I must say that restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans will not reduce crime, but rather will only serve to undermine the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from criminals. You can’t stop bad people from doing bad things by taking away the rights of good people who follow the rules. We all need to work together to promote strong family units and the sanctity of human life. Let us all keep in our prayers these precious lives that were taken from us at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Thank you again for contacting me. It is an honor to represent the First Congressional District of Louisiana, and your thoughts and concerns are very important to me. I invite you to visit my website at for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact my office in the future on issues that are important to you

Steve Scalise
Member of Congress
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Joe Kidd
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Already done. Got replies from Cornyn and McCaul. I also e-mailed Ted Cruz, but no reply from him yet.

Post #11
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ive sent letters to both my senators, my congress critter, governor and my rep to the state senate.
"Our situation illustrates the American idea that governments rest on the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established."
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Done. Got a reply from Maria Cantwell. And Doc Hastings. Also sent letters to POTUS and Boehner.

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Sent to my Rep and Senators.:

Patched together some text from others and some of my thoughts. I'll let you know when/if I get a response or my door kicked in by jack booted thugs.

Dear Dude,

Like every parent I was sickened by the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut but I can’t in good conscience subscribe to the ideals of the panic mongers running amok in the media and stepping in front of the camera from the halls of Congress or the White House press room. Please continue to be a staunch defender of the Constitution and to uphold the view that its importance transcends the panicked news story of the day or ten second sound bites.

I urge you to vote against an AWB and any other legislation that proposes registration and banning of so-called "Assault Weapons."

The proposed fingerprinting, registration, and future control of a lawful and law abiding owner of this type of firearm violates the Second Amendment as well as interferes with the rights of property of the owner. Such laws will succeed only in criminalizing and alienating law abiding citizens.

The occurrence of the criminal use of these firearms in the real world and not the imagined fantasy scenarios of fear mongers is infinitesimal and statistically insignificant. In fact, according to the most recent data freely available from the FBI for years 2005-2011, blunt objects such as fists and bricks were used in more homicides each year than firearms erroneously labeled by the media as “Assault Weapons.”

The proposed laws concerning registering and banning this broad category of firearms will have no effect on crime. It is well established that despite the fact that Connecticut has very restrictive firearms laws, they did nothing to deter a crazed individual bent on inflicting harm in the tragedy that occurred.

It is no secret to anyone with eyes to see that cities such as Washington D.C. and Chicago, with the most restrictive firearms laws in the nation, are havens for gang mayhem, murder and criminal violence against an unarmed victim population. Criminals just don’t seem to want to follow the law no matter how many new ones are passed. This persistent quirk of criminal nature seems to escape the grasp of many legislators.

I believe it is already against the law to steal property, shoot at people and commit murder in every state in the nation, sometimes under penalty of death. It would seem that the laws necessary to punish such behavior are on the books and have been for a few centuries.

I see no need for new laws that only sane, law abiding citizens would be inclined to obey to start with. It seems especially foolish since the proponents of such laws freely admit when pressed that the measures they propose cannot guarantee the prevention of such acts in the future yet they wish us to give up fundamental freedoms in exchange for alleged greater security.

If the intent of government is to increase school safety then I suggest to you that the efforts of the Congress would be better spent examining the state of mental health care in this nation and getting serious about tangible school security solutions. Banks have guards, sports arenas have guards, and you have guards at your offices. Why? Because no matter how many laws are passed you can't legislate away the fact that there are disturbed people or people with evil in their heart that will act on it.

It does not matter what tool they use to inflict suffering on others, it is the human being that commits the act. It has been so ever since man has walked this Earth. The solution has always been the same as well, good men with the means to deter and defend themselves against those who would harm them or prey upon them or their property.

Those proposing these new firearms laws will come to you and ask you for a little compromise here and there. They will exhort you to be reasonable as they define it. They will ask you to make accommodations very far removed from the intent our nation's founders had when they wrote the Second Amendment. They will cajole you to give in just a little on this and that. To go along to get along.

I would urge you not to do so sir. Personal liberty and the preservation of our Constitution is not an issue on which you should be willing to make compromise. I urge you to stand firm against others that would chip away bit by bit at the natural rights which have made this the greatest and freest nation in all of human history.

I thank you for your past support in this area. I will watch your votes with great interest as you uphold your oath of office and I will support you for your defense of our Constitution.


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I got this from Joe Heck of NV

Dear Lee,

Thank you for contacting me to share your comments regarding gun control measures in response to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns on this important issue.

The horrific shooting that took place in Newtown that stole twenty-seven innocent lives – twenty of those children – is an incomprehensible tragedy that has deeply saddened us all. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.

Like you, I know that a serious discussion on what is necessary to prevent these massacres and other senseless acts of violence is long overdue. As Americans, I know that we are capable of such a discussion without politicizing this unthinkable tragedy.

As you may know, the Second Amendment allows responsible, law-abiding U.S. citizens to own firearms, though this valuable protection is not without certain commonsense limitations. For example, federal background checks limit who may purchase firearms, and there are restrictions on the sale of automatic weapons to civilians. Government agencies, police departments, mental health institutions, psychiatrists, and family members may also request that an individual be placed on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Index as an additional layer of security.

Our country has important laws and systems in place to protect the public, and despite this tragedy, they have been largely effective. Millions of law-abiding gun owners should not be punished as a result of the actions of one disturbed individual, but we must make serious efforts to stop these horrible acts. A comprehensive response means preventing firearms from falling into the hands of those who would do us harm, careful examination of the root causes of these violent acts, and a serious evaluation of how we treat mental health in our country. Above all, it requires thoughtful, reasonable, and thorough discussions – and actions – to prevent these senseless tragedies from devastating our communities and our families ever again. The loss of more innocent lives is unacceptable.

Again, I appreciate your thoughts and it is an honor to serve you in Congress. Your suggestions are always welcome, and if ever I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Member of Congress
And this one from Ron Johnson, WI (I wrote reps in both WI and NV because I never know which state I am going to live in on any given year)

Dear Lee,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding your thoughts on federal gun control measures in light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut.

A terrible and incomprehensible act of violence took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are all deeply impacted by the horror of little children and brave adults being murdered. There are many serious issues that will need to be discussed and considered in the weeks and months to come. But right now, our primary concern should be for the families and the community of Newtown.

At moments like this, America comes together to mourn and support one another. We will do so again in the coming days, and then search for answers on how to prevent such tragedies in the future

As your Senator, I believe it is my primary responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the Second Amendment is no exception. I will continue to strongly support our Second Amendment rights. One of the bills I have chosen to cosponsor regarding the Second Amendment is S. 570 introduced by Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) on March 14, 2011. This bill would prohibit the Department of Justice from tracking and cataloguing the purchases of multiple rifles and shotguns.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts. It is important for me to hear the views and concerns of the people I serve. Please feel free to contact me in the future if I can further assist you or your family. It is an honor representing you and the good people of Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate.

Ron Johnson
United States Senator
I'll post any others I get as they come in.
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Here's another one from David Price from NC.

January 11, 2013

Dear Mr. T.:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the recent mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
The senseless violence and loss of life at Sandy Hook has taken an unimaginable toll on the families of the victims, the Newtown community, and the nation as a whole. This is a time of national mourning, as well as a time for serious soul-searching and reflection.
I have been a consistent supporter of the ability of law-abiding citizens to own and use guns for self-protection, hunting, and sporting purposes, while supporting reasonable measures to keep guns away from individuals who use them to threaten or harm other people. The Newtown tragedy is the most recent reminder that our laws are failing in that regard.
This tragedy is also a reminder that we must address the way in which we treat mental illness in this country. For too long those suffering from these disorders have been stigmatized and isolated from society. The support and treatment we need to offer are currently being compromised, in North Carolina and elsewhere, by misguided budget priorities. We must do better, especially in reaching out to troubled young people.
I refuse to believe that these issues are too complicated or politically divisive to be addressed comprehensively and conclusively. Should the House consider legislation on gun access, school safety, or related mental health issues, I will consider it carefully, keeping your concerns in mind.
Again, thank you for contacting me. Please continue to be in touch about issues of concern.



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I just sent off my letter to them this morning, will post if/when I get a response. Though both my Senators and my Rep are all pro-gun so I'm not too worried how they'll vote.
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Sent to all my Federal Reps:


I am writing to insist that you NOT support any new gun laws such the Feinstein proposed “Assault Weapons Ban” or “Magazine Bans”. These laws are not only unconstitutional they do nothing but disarm law abiding citizens.

A madman intent on destruction doesn’t care about laws. In the case of Sandy Hook, this nut violated countless laws in commission of that massacre. Gun free zones are a utopian pipe dream. Yes, in a perfect world I would love to not need a weapon, but we don’t live in that world and no law is going to change that.

The reality is that there are evil people and passing laws will not stop someone intent on death and destruction.

I have two kids, one in kindergarten. This massacre hit home hard, but the reality is that the only way that something like this can be stopped is to have armed security that can act to engage the shooters immediately.

As has been reported recently, the school that many elected officials including the President’s children attend has numerous armed guards. If a gun free zone is such a good idea then why is this?

Personally, I would feel a whole lot more secure if I knew that someone who was thoroughly vetted, trained and armed was onsite to provide protection to my kids.

Ask yourself this. Would Sandy Hook had been different if an armed off duty police officer was in the school’s office? Would the Aurora theatre shooting have been different had two or three concealed carry license holders returned fire?

Guns in the hands of good law abiding people are a necessary part of the real world where evil people do bad things. If all guns were somehow magically removed from the world there would still be knives, clubs & bats. I don’t want my wife or daughter to have to go up against a knife welding nut with their bare hands or pepper spray.

Let’s focus on the real problem and that is insane people. We need to take steps to keep these dangerous people locked away where they can’t do these sorts of things. Also, let’s take steps to secure the locations most vulnerable to a nut case bent on destruction.

And finally, let’s encourage the media to change the way they cover these events. It is sad that I know these murders names off the top of my head and I can’t name a single victim. The media makes these people infamous and that fuels further shootings by the next nut that feels invisible.

Above all, let’s deal with the real problem and not the tools that they use.

Thank You,
(Name Removed)
(Active, Motivated Voter)
Sent to all my State Reps:


Like many I am very concerned with the recent push for gun control. I am writing to encourage you to take steps to protect Texans from any unconstitutional laws or executive orders that might be passed by the federal government.

Recently Wyoming has proposed laws to protect its residents from government over-reach. This is Texas and as you know we value our firearms. Please do what you can at the state level to protect us from this most recent assault on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Link to the story on Wyoming’s proposed law:

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Got one reply so far.

Dear Mr. X

Thank you for contacting my office. It's always a pleasure to hear from constituents. As you know, I'm newly elected to Congress, and my staff and I are working hard to get the office up and running. I'm honored to have the chance to serve you in Washington.

I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms. I share your concerns with some of the proposals to restrict our freedoms and will keep them in mind when I'm voting on any anti-gun legislation.

Please contact me any time with questions or concerns by calling my office at 202-225-5861 or by visiting my website at I look forward to working with you.


Col. Paul Cook (Ret.)
Member of Congress
I'm still eagerly waiting for Boxers' and Feinsteins' reply.
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Thanks Cavalry Doc! That is an awesome site that I will share privately with my Firearms Friendly List!

Here is my submission:

Subject: The Second Amendment Shall Not Be Abridged


Thank you for your time today. I know you are busy, for I am also busy.

I felt it necessary to take some time to share my feelings regarding the consideration of the renewal of the "Assault Weapon" Ban.

There have been some serious tragedies recently. I cannot imagine how the families feel.

With a Nation in mourning I feel it is right to remind you that the Grieving process is still happening around our nation.

When a loved one passes, particularly in such a manner at a location deemed to be "secure" it is even more devastating.

During this phase of the grieving process it is absolutely vital to protect these people from hurting themselves.

Simple tasks - Driving, Running Heavy Equipment, Risky Behavior, and simply Being Alone can cause irrational thoughts to appear.

Being responsible as we are - Now is not the best time to force pointless legislation on a vulnerable population!

Leadership - The art of getting someone to do something that ultimately benefits THEM.

Manipulation - The sleazy way you convince or coerce someone into doing something that ultimately benefits YOU.

Knowing that you have taken oaths to protect the Constitution of These United States I am comforted that you will do all in your power to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Grieving people need time to stabilize prior to making Constitutional changes.

We Have The Data - "Gun Free" zones have had their chance. They are ineffective and only let criminals and those bent on performing evil acts have a *SAFE* place to carry out their heinous crimes.

Do The Right Thing - Law Abiding citizens are not the issue. Crime is the issue. Do not penalize those of us who are responsible in our actions simply because of the acts of evil men.

I look forward to hearing the Good News that you have decided to take on Crime instead of the Law Abiding Tax Paying Voting people you serve.
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Oh yeah Right!!
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As responses from both Ohio Senators, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, have already been posted, here's the response from my Representative:


Dear kelsitone:

Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate hearing from you.

The horror that took place in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012 seems unbearable, but we will lock arms and unite as citizens, for that is how Americans rise above unspeakable evil. Let us all come together in God's grace to pray for the families of the victims, that they may find some comfort and peace amid such suffering. Let us give thanks for all those who helped get people to safety, and take heart from their example.

We join President Obama and all Americans in mourning the victims of this awful tragedy. The president has formed a task force headed by Vice President Biden. When the vice president's group makes specific proposals, we will certainly take them into consideration. Right now our focus is, and should be, on the victims, their families, and their community.

Thank you again for contacting me with your thoughts. Please don't hesitate to inform me of your concerns in the future. To sign up for email updates, I invite you to visit my website at


John A. Boehner
Member of Congress

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Bang Bang Bang
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My letter re Feinstein Bill:

Dear Sen. Bill Nelson, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Steve Southerland:

I oppose Sen. Feinstein's New Version of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban because the current proposed weapons legislation would have had no effect on the outcome of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Even if the shooter didn't have access to those weapons, whats to stop him from spending a couple hundred bucks at the hardware store and building a flame thrower?

You take away guns from the general public, you open the door for tyranny and oppression without means of recourse. The mass shootings in the news are indeed tragic, unfortunate events… but they DO NOT outweigh our inalienable rights as human beings to protect ourselves from those who wish to do us harm. This right is protected by the Second Amendment. To limit the availability to purchase and own items banned under the proposed legislation would be a infringement of this Constitutionally Protected Right; The Constitution which you swore to uphold.
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January 11, 2013

Mr. Oscar Langley
913 Balfour Rd
West Memphis, AR 72301-1816

Dear Mr. Langley,

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts on the Second Amendment. I am committed to putting the needs of my constituents first, and it is important that I have a direct line to you and other residents of the 1st District of Arkansas. Your correspondence plays a vital role in the legislative process, and I welcome your views and ideas.

In light of the recent tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut there have been calls for more stringent gun laws and restrictions for gun owners. While I share in the Nation's grief over this senseless act of violence, I do not believe that just passing additional gun control laws is an appropriate solution. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states "a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This passage clearly establishes the basic right of Americans to own firearms. I do not believe the federal government should compromise that right, whether for hunting, for protection, for sport, or for any lawful use.

I fully support the initiation of thoughtful dialogue on how to prevent similar tragedies in the future. It is imperative that we identify ways to improve early identification, diagnosis, and treatment for those living with serious mental illnesses. In addition, there must be a national dialogue addressing violence that is showcased on movies, video games, television and the internet. Lastly, we need to promote responsible gun ownership to ensure that common sense measures are taken by those in possession of firearms.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families who lost their loved ones, and I hope you will join me in praying for the victims' families so they might find peace after this shocking tragedy. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any additional questions or concerns.

The Okie Corral
Rick Crawford
Member of Congress
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once a day i write. not trying to post then on here though as im one hand typing while holding a monster in my other arm. *4 month old reece*
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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Not yet.

This is his senate home page, no way to contact him. hairy reed is probably slow walking his IT work order.
His web page worked today.

Today, I sent short messages to all my U.S., state, county and city reps. Well "all" is not entirely accurate. I did not contact the county clerk, tax assessor or school board members ...
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here is the reply I got.

Dear Michael:

Thank you for contacting me about the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

My family and I join all Americans in grieving for the children, teachers and staff who had their lives taken from them in the vicious attacks at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We must pledge never to forget the victims of this senseless act of violence.

From the attack on Congresswoman Giffords that left six dead, to the shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin, Oregon and Connecticut, it is too painfully clear that we must take meaningful action to make our communities safer. The 2008 Skagit County mass shootings that killed six brought this type of tragedy to our home. No single law can prevent the actions of a madman, but that is no excuse to not take action.

I continue to hold my position that Congress should reinstate the assault weapons ban and ban high-capacity ammunition clips above 10 rounds per clip, as proposed by Representative McCarthy. These military-grade weapons serve no legitimate purpose in civilian life.

We must close the gun show and private sale loopholes and strengthen background check requirements to make sure that criminals and the mentally ill are unable to purchase guns.

Gun control is part, but not all of the solution. Mental illness has been shown to be a factor in some of these mass shootings. Mental illnesses are often misunderstood and under-diagnosed. Health providers need to give mental health the same attention that physical health is given. Congress should direct more research into mental illness and provide more funding for effective care of mentally ill patients.

We have not seen the last of violent crimes in our country, but if Congress and the President act, we can make our communities safer and shrink this cycle of violence.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about this or any other issue.

If you are interested in receiving periodic updates about my work in Congress, please sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Rick Larsen
United States Representative
Washington State, 2nd District
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Send a message via AIM to Drjones

Cavalry Doc, a sincere thank you and great idea for calling people out on this!!!

I apologize in advance for all the posts I'm about to make here, but I've done a good amount of writing lately, need to do far more, and need to publicize it more too.

That's my letter to Feinstein. I sent her a totally different, far more tame letter just now (will post that next) but am going to send and publicize this:

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I’m writing to tell you of my complete and total opposition to any new gun ban and gun control laws, specifically ones proposed by you.

I’m fairly certain my request will fall on deaf ears, but I’m writing it anyway and am going to publicize this letter beyond your office anyway.

Ms. Feinstein, I know why you attempt to foist these unconstitutional and ill-conceived laws on the American people; it is for the simple fact that you are evil.

I have attached an old but well-written article by Mr. L. Neil Smith and in it he makes a convincing, fact and history-based argument for why people who support disarming law abiding citizens are either evil, stupid or insane.

I’ve heard firsthand from people who have worked directly with you that you are actually quite smart, and I’ve never heard any indication that you might be suffering any actual mental illness, so that leaves us with the final option; evil, and the description fits you quite well.

Ms. Feinstein, you propose laws to disarm law abiding American citizens while – literally – sitting in your ivory tower, guarded by men carrying even more powerful versions of the weapons you are seeking to ban. The United States Capitol Police are openly armed with Heckler & Koch G36C rifles, as well as M4 rifles – now these are true “assault rifles” according to the actual technical definition of an assault rifle as a rifle that has select-fire capability. Oh, and the icing on the cake; these rifles are of course each outfitted with magazines that hold far more than 10 rounds, and no doubt each officer carries much more than one magazine.

Yes, that’s right; these evil, hip-spraying, baby-killing, military grade weapons of war are precisely the weapons that are providing you and all of your colleagues with a significant layer of protection. Shall we mention the scores of semi-automatic pistols, pepper spray, metal detectors, batons and clubs, handcuffs, sniper rifles, night vision devices, and God knows what other weapons are employed in your protection. Paid for by me and my fellow NRA members, I might add.

Additionally, it is very well known that you had/still have a license to carry a concealed weapon in your native San Francisco, one of maybe 4 permits in existence in that city.
You have a very clear and concrete understanding of the obvious security that firearms and real, legitimate assault rifles offer, yet you seek to deny that same protection to law-abiding American Citizens.


Ms. Feinstein, your push to ban guns, in addition to being the absolute height of hypocrisy, is also extremely harmful to society at large. You and your fellow gun-banning vultures who – literally before the bodies were even cold – began shrieking hysterically for gun control and, ironically, the murder of NRA members, actually do a concrete and substantial harm to society and the victims of tragedies like what happened in Newtown.

You take the focus, blame, and guilt completely away from its rightful place, which is squarely on the very real, individual human being who committed the murders.

You attempt to shift that blame onto your political opponents, and onto inanimate objects; hunks of metal, wood and plastic.

By calling for gun bans, you further expose your hypocrisy and show that you actually have absolutely no regard for the victims of this or any other crime because you do not call for restrictions on either alcohol nor driving when someone drives drunk and kills someone; you do not call for knives to be serial numbered when someone is slashed to death. It is only when guns are involved that the histrionics come out, and in doing this, you tip your hand.

You fully understand everything that I am saying here in this letter; that guns do in fact provide very real and effective protection against all sorts of harm, yet not only do you seek to take guns away from American citizens, you and your ilk also dismiss as ludicrous the idea that schools should employ even a fraction of the heavy security that you enjoy daily.

Ms. Feinstein, I cannot emphatically enough re-state the sentiments of Marine Corporal Joshua Boston when I say that I will never surrender my weapons.

I will not submit myself nor my legally-owned private property to any registration nor inspection.

I will pass on each and every single one of the weapons in my ever-growing collection to my children, and they will pass them on to their children. I will instruct them faithfully in the safe and responsible use of firearms. I will teach them the true meaning of our Constitution and Freedom, and I will cultivate in them the same passion and determination to never submit to an evil tyrant such as yourself; who would deny them the protection that firearms offer, while benefitting from that protection herself.

There are millions more gun owners who feel the same as I do, and we all feel it just as passionately because we know and understand all too well the lessons outlined in Mr. Smith’s article that I have attached; that an unarmed man is a mere subject, a true pawn of the state who lives only at the mercy of tyrants. The unarmed man can never be truly free from government tyranny and oppression, nor will he ever be safe in his home.

You have truly reached a pinnacle of hypocrisy when you personally carry a weapon for self defense and work daily ensconced behind a wall of men with fully-automatic guns, then try to ram through laws that would deny every other American citizen that same protection, that same basic Constitutional and Civil Right.

This is why I have arrived at the conclusion that you, Ms. Feinstein, are evil.

You will not win.

You will not pass this nor any other gun ban in the future.
American support for gun control and gun bans has been steadily declining, while the number of Americans seeking – and receiving – concealed carry permits has exploded, and to say that gun sales have exploded is the understatement of the decade.

If you think all those Americans buying guns are doing it just so that they can register and turn them in, then maybe you aren’t so smart after all.

Respectfully submitted,

The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.
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Send a message via AIM to Drjones

Here's the first letter I sent out to about 15-20 senators who are due for re-election in 2014:

Dear _____

Much has and will continue to be made of the recent tragedy in Connecticut.
As if the event itself was not awful enough, virtually the instant word of the killings began spreading, some of our society’s vultures began capitalizing on it; callously attempting to use it to push their political agenda to punish almost 100 million innocent, law-abiding American citizens.

These craven individuals are not trying to put forth any solution, or move us any closer to justice, but instead are blindly and rabidly using this awful tragedy to punish almost 100 million law-abiding American citizens.

I would like to put forth for your consideration some facts:

- The killer STOLE the guns he used.

- The killer was, under federal law, not legally allowed to own the handguns he used in the killings; federal law requires one to be 21 years of age to purchase a handgun, the killer was 20.

- The handguns the killer used are commonly owned by millions of law-abiding American citizens.

- The handguns used by the killer are CARRIED daily by millions of law-abiding American citizens with carry permits, and used to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

- We need to focus on enforcing the millions of laws that are already in place. There are so many gun control laws already on the books, it is virtually impossible to count. An educated guess of the number of federal, state and local laws and ordinances among all 50 states would easily put us into the millions of laws and restrictions.

- There are close to 100 million law abiding gun owners in America. Any further attempts to enact more laws is not only an insult to those citizens and the families of the victims, but absolutely and intentionally COUNTER productive to any goal of justice.

- Why was a young man who was so deeply disturbed that he murdered his own mother not in some sort of institution or otherwise under careful, professional watch?

- More gun control laws are a non-starter. The push for new gun control laws is a craven, disgusting attempt to capitalize on this profound tragedy in order to push a political agenda, nothing more.

I urge you, please do not support any legislation whose sole intention is to punish law abiding citizens throughout America for the act of one deranged young man.


The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.
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Send a message via AIM to Drjones

Here's something that I just now drafted & zipped off to Jerry Brown, Boxer, Feinstein, & some state reps through the NRA-ILA's contact your rep tool:


I do not support ANY new gun control laws or bans and urge you to vote against them for several reasons:

- Drafting laws in response to the CT murders is, by definition, creating public policy based solely on the actions of a mentally unstable young man. That is not an acceptable nor rational basis for new laws.

- The CT murderer is a thorough and complete criminal and every single thing he did is already illegal; he stole the guns he used in his crimes, he murdered people, he brought guns onto a school campus, who knows how many other laws he broke. No other decree from Washington could possibly have prevented him from doing what he did and any new laws will by definition only infringe upon the civil rights of law-abiding Americans.

- There is no acceptable basis for drafting more laws that infringe upon my civil right to keep and bear arms as protected by the Constitution.
Vote NO on any new laws intended to ban or control guns or otherwise make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase guns. Virtually everything that should be illegal, already is; we need to enforce the many laws we already have.

The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.
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Send a message via AIM to Drjones

I just drafted & sent this to the NRA through their website:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the NRA,

I just want to give you my most sincere and heartfelt thanks for your iron-clad stance against any and all new gun laws as made clear in your statement of Jan. 10, 2013.

I have truly been living in fear since the CT shootings, knowing that the anti-gun vultures have just been praying for something like this to ram through all sorts of draconian laws punishing law-abiding American citizens for the act of a single deranged and mentally ill young man.

It brought such a big smile to my face, and so much courage to my heart to read your firm and unyielding statement after the White House Task Force meeting of Jan. 10, 2013.

I have already made an extra contribution to the NRA and will contribute more tomorrow and again over the following weeks to ensure that my gun rights are protected.

Again, I thank you and encourage you to not give them even a fraction of an inch. We have more than enough gun laws in this country.
The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.
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From Senator Mark Warner -

Dear Mr. *******,

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts on the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut and your views on gun control.

On December 14, 2012, 20 innocent children and six adults lost their lives in one of the worst, most tragic shootings to ever occur in the United States. As a parent of three daughters, this was the ultimate nightmare. Like the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings, t his tragedy unfolded in what was once regarded as a safe haven free of crime and violence: a school.

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms . I own firearms and I have an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association. However, I also recognize that, like with many of our constitutional rights, our Second Amendment rights are not without limits. It is unfortunate that a tragedy of this magnitude is what is needed to prompt action, but we need to have a serious discussion on how to best avoid these kinds of mass shootings in the future. The status quo is not acceptable.

I believe our discus sion should cover many issues. We can start by improving the existing cr iminal background check system. Currently, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is woefully incomplete, with many states failing to submit available records on persons who may be disqualified from purchasing or possessing firearms. With a more complete background check system, we can keep firearms out of the hands of those who have been deemed unfit to possess them.

In addition, we can take common sense measures such as passing the CAMPUS Safety Act (S. 3682), which I introduced last year. That bill would establish a national center for campus public safety within the Department of Justice to serve as a resource center and assist schools and universities in developing campus safety plans and threat assessment tools. We also need to look at changes to our mental health system so we can provide help to those with dangerous mental illnesses before it is too late. There will not be a single solution, but all of these issues and others need to be part of the conversation and I urge you to continue to express your views as we move forward.

Again, thank you for contacting me. For further information or to sign up for my newsletter please visit my website at .

United States Senator
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I sent an e-mail to my rep back around (maybe just before?) Christmas time. Didn't get an e-mail back...

Got this in the mailbox today instead:
The Okie Corral
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Absolutely. I am a keyboard commando, emailing and sharing easy ways to contact your reps with everyone I can.

Due to inflation, my $.02 no longer matters.
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