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Old 01-09-2013, 18:36   #26
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I've got a PT1911. It may not be the prettiest 1911 out there, but it will shoot with guns costing three times as much. I've got probably 10,000 trouble free rounds through it.
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Old 01-09-2013, 18:39   #27
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Every Taurus revolver I've handled NIB has either bad timing with lead shavings on the cone from factory test fire or the cylinder notches go from okay tight to loose as a goose by the 5th or 6th one.

The location of the lock in their hammers are garbage and have actuated and cause problems for some people. Not as easily removed as a S&W lock and I'm not sure if anyone makes a plug for them.

Now I've owned a PT1911 which was garbage. Fed 50% of ball ammo and 0% HP ammo no matter what brand of mags or ammo I used, how tweaked the extractor was or polished the feedramp was. The finish came off like it was applied by a Sharpie marker. The right side thumb safety fell off. The checkering on the front strap and MSH dented with the slightest rub on a hard surface like wood or plastic. The only upside was that they were $400 1911s at the time....for what they charge now, I wouldn't try another one unless it was just the frame and slide for say $200 or less.

I had an 85 Ultralite that was okay, although I bought it when I didn't know much about Taurus. It shot okay but the cylinder was loose as a goose as was the cylinder release button.

I had a PT22 which was surprisingly okay, although I didn't put many rounds through it before dumping it for a P3AT.

My Dad has bought some Taurus/Rossi revolvers recently disregarding my opinions and they're all NIB and all loose while the Rossi had lead shavings on the cone. Thing is my Dad is kinda cheap when it comes to guns and won't spend more than $400 for any firearm period. I found him a pristine S&W 686 no lock long ago....what does he do...sells it, buys some Taurus garbage and pockets the difference in money.

Well in any case and IMO only, Taurus is good for those not wanting to spend more on a S&W or Ruger or for those not looking to put more than a few cylinder fulls through a year. As far as their poly guns and other semi-autos, I have no opinion or experience with them although I would never consider them just like all Taurus products never gets a single consideration from me now.

So there you go, now flame away.

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Old 01-09-2013, 18:58   #28
true believer
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Originally Posted by ctfireman View Post
Here's my version......I've had great luck with taurus revolvers. They may not be S&W but then again they don't cost S&W money. The autos tend to be hit or miss. I've had them not function at all or function but with terrible triggers. Bottom line is they can be a decent affordable option. This thread may get entertaining.
sums it up!!
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I have a early 90's .44 mag revolver and it a darn nice gun.
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Old 01-10-2013, 11:57   #30
FH Alum
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In June prior to going on vacation to bear country I got a new .44mag Tracker, SS K frame, ported 4" bbl, ribber grips. It was ~$500 and the other brands didn't have anything close at even double the price. I have put 4-500 rounds through it and so far so good.

The trigger is excellent, no creep, crisp clean break, smooth pull in DA. Sights are adjustable with a nice orange insert in the front ramp-easy to get on target fast. Ribber grips look funky but really soak up the heat which is necessary on a light K frame size .44 mag. The cylinder is a bit short so the really massive long .44 mags won't work, however the 300 grn cast core loads I favor for bruin work just fine. Which honestly in this gun is the max I can shoot rapidly with hope of putting the rounds on target quickly- and that is a challenge. The ported barrel and heavy bear rounds make a massive boom and fireball that turns heads on the range. Even if I don't hit smokey he is going to be deaf, blind and lighter from bowel evacuation from the blast.

Pop had the 7 shot .357, it also had no issues other than being heavy for CC. He ended up trading it in on a .38 that has also been a good weapon. Buddy had a 9mm pistol late 90's that we dubbed the jam-o-matic.

-Personally, I won't buy ANY firearm unless I can look it over first regardless of brand. It took me 3 mossy 930's to find one w/o the canted front sight for example.
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Old 01-10-2013, 18:46   #31
Jade Falcon
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Sounds like some pretty nice revolvers from Taurus!
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Enslaved in IL
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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
I have four Taurus revolvers:

1. M689 - 6-shots .357 Magnum and it has a ventilated rib barrel ala Colt Python but with the frame size equivalence of a SW K-frame.

2. M607 - 7-shooter .357 Magnum on the large .44 Mag frame (probably equivalent to N-frame but I think it's beefier). The next year Taurus came out with the 608 with eight rounds. Dammit!!!

3. M96 - a .22LR revolver that resembles the SW M17.

4. Raging Bull .454 Casull.

The first three are 1980s/1990s vintage. The fit & finishes were pretty close to SW. Close but not quite there, however the prices were significantly cheaper. The wooden grips were atrociously ugly though.

I've handled and shot a few of the more current wheelguns and I'm nonplussed. Some have really decent fit & finish with NICE trigger pulls (Taurus Judge), some have OK finish and decent trigger pull (my Raging Bull), and some were just down right ghastly (M94, Taurus Tracker, etc.).

My advice is to buy a Taurus wheelgun only if you can examine it up close and see what you're getting.

I don't have any experience with Taurus pistols other than looking at some of the Beretta clones back in the days.
Very well said. Some are good, some are bad, buyer beware. They rarely ever make the fit and finish of the more expensive guns but they dont cost as much either.
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Old 01-10-2013, 20:47   #33
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Well, hit or miss - a few years ago I worked for a FFL and Taurus was a big line for them and the guns were pretty good for the money. Then, about 10 years ago we started getting service problems with almost 15% of the guns sold. Taurus took them back but took weeks to months to get them serviced. We even met with a VP at the SHOT show but the service isssues continued and our sales dropped way off. I left about five years ago and just came back last month. Not many guns in the case, maybe 10 out of 125 - 150 at any one time. Heard the owner tell someone that "they had the best warranty in the business - and you will probably have to use it." Also they recommend that if you have a problem to contact Taurus directly. Been there a little oer a month and have seen 3 issues so far. Doesn't make me want to recommend one.
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Old 01-10-2013, 21:02   #34
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I've owned three Taurus revolvers and one auto over the years.
First Taurus was a Model 669, 6" blue 357 bought in '90 or so. Good shooter, beefy gun.
I've bought two Model 605's, SS 2" 357's. Also good shooters, but magnum rounds in a snubbie are LOUD, and snappy.
The last one I bought (04ish) has a pretty darn good trigger. Don't know what they are doing differently, but I have seen improvement over the last 20+ years.
That said, I have S&W Models 10, 64 and 638. Smith's overall are nicer, and the Airweight J-frames are much easier to opcket carry (smaller and lighter).
Side by side, you notice the difference (esp triggers), but the BG won't. Taurus makes a decent revolver, a good value. Though I'd probably buy a used Smith over a new Taurus, probably.

I had a PT145 for a short while, regret selling it (was financing my first AR). That is a pretty neat little pistol, think I'll get another one some day.
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Old 01-10-2013, 21:49   #35
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I've had 2 model 85s that were out of time really bad.One shot out of the 5 wouldn't shoot on both of them.A model 94- 22 wasn't bad though for the money.I don't own any taurus now nor do i plan to in the future.
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Old 01-11-2013, 08:23   #36
Rio Vista Slim
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Until recently, I had never even held a Taurus handgun. I learned to shoot, courtesy of my Dad, 51 years ago. During those early years, the gun was a German made single action .22 revolver. A little later we shot Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers in .38 Special. Over time, I've owned a variety of S&W and Colt revolvers in many calibers.

Since I've always had a "soft spot" for the .44 Special, I began shopping for a revolver in that caliber a couple of months ago. My local gun shop didn't have any Smiths, so I looked at a Taurus .44 Magnum Tracker.

General Firearms Forum

General Firearms Forum

This revolver's action is tight, the single and double-action trigger pulls are outstanding, and the accuracy is excellent. Although I have quite a bit of .44 Magnum ammunition, it's doubtful this gun will ever fire those, as it is just too hard on my wrists and hands. But .44 Specials are a joy to shoot!

I don't anticipate buying any more Taurus handguns, but the one I do own is very, very nice.
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Old 01-11-2013, 10:53   #37
Brian Lee
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I'm so unimpressed with Taurus that I find it hard to waste another moment writing any further about them. Except to say that I think they do some of the sloppiest loose-tolerance machining I've ever seen on gun parts. The last Taurus revolver I held in my hands simply would not lock up worth a crap when cocked. You could rotate the cylinder about .040" from either side of the proper lock-up position.

Somehow I think the chambers should be held in line with the barrel a lot better than that.
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Old 01-11-2013, 11:07   #38
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I have a Taurus. 22 revolver. 4 inch. It's GTG. Trigger a little heavy like many rimfire revolvers but it's getting well worn in. I like it. For the money and for what it is I have no complaints.
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Old 01-11-2013, 11:49   #39
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My first handgun was a PT145, and my second was a PT92. The PT145 has about 4,000 problem free rounds down range, and the PT92 is over 10,000 now. I generally split my carry time about 50/50 between my G19 and my G21, but I still carry the PT145 when I need a small gun for deep concealment. It's actually smaller in every dimension and lighter than my G19 while still carrying 10+1 of 45.

My PT22 is a piece of junk that is usually more hassle than its worth when I do decide to take it out for a little plinking.
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Old 01-11-2013, 12:42   #40
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I've had an 85CH for years that has worked pretty well. Not really much of a carry piece these days but I do still carry it in my camelbak at work loaded with snake shot to deal with rattlesnakes on occasion. My other Taurus is a 24/7 OSS-DS I found in Rapid city last fall. It's been 100% reliable and accuracy isn't too bad. Still not shooting that well for me as I'm still getting used to the trigger but a buddy of mine from work was on the USMC rifle/pistol team so I had him try it and found that it's not the gun, it's just me trying to get used to it is all. No complaints though.
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Old 01-11-2013, 13:11   #41
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Their quality control seems to be hit or miss. Every so often I hear about someone getting a bad one, often even after being sent back they still break down. I hear it far too often to trust them. If not checking them for quality is how Taurus gets their prices down, I'd rather pay more for one that works. For that matter Taurus doesn't even have the lowest prices for budget guns, so I don't see the draw there either.
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My father owns a Taurus Judge which I have much experience with. I would never buy a Taurus firearm after handling and shooting it. It feels cheaply made, and the fit and finish is very poor. It is one of the black models and the bluing feels like some sort of easily chipped, cheap black lacquer. The trigger is horrible and gritty, while all the machining is very poorly done. The checkering on the hammer, for example, is uneven in height. The accuracy is poor as well. That said, if you had to use it to defend yourself at 7 yards, it would work.

It's completely a matter of personal preference, but the names of many Taurus revolvers bug me as well. The names "The Judge" and "Raging Bull" seem much better suited to be plastered on the side of an 8 year old's toy than a firearm. It doesn't make matters better when they make these model names as large in a most obnoxious location.
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All the ones ive owned and or shot(and know the current owners) have ALL worked 100% this includes the

PT99(adjustable sight version of the PT92 loved it has been the only gun that the entire time I owned it never failed in any way)

Currently have a CH85 Revolver works great good snubby.

have shot in the last year

PT145(works great never malfunctioned(after i told the guy when it was malfunctioning that he actually had to clean it B4 he shot it..he had no idea..once he cleaned it up its run 100% I actually think this may very well be my next gun)

709 Slim(ran 100% guy moved but b4 he moved id shot around 100 rounds through it and he a lot more and never a problem...he used it as his primary CC weapon)

The small taurus .380..the newer one that I cant think of the name of..actually real nice..once the guy ran about a box and a half through it its run 100% ever since..I DID have some issues during the first box and they have ALL GONE AWAY since the box and a half mark. IF I were to get a .380 this is the one id get.
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The bad reputation Taurus used to have still resonates with those that have had bad experiences with Taurus, and those that have read about the bad experiences. Taurus has come a long way. I bought a PT-1911 a couple of months ago and have over 700 rounds thru it with no issues. Wasn’t my first choice, but the LGS (Small store) keeps them in stock and the price was right, so I decided to give it a shot. I have not been disappointed.

Look for hickock45 on YouTube. He is very well respected for his views and has at least 3 videos on a Taurus revolver.
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Jade Falcon
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I went to the gun show a couple months ago and handled a Taurus snubbie, ported, in .41 Magnum. It was a beautiful little thing, that fit my hand without much trouble. It held 5 shots. It was used, and I've forgotten what model number it was. But I really liked it! Not bad price either for $430-something, if I remember correctly.
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Old 01-12-2013, 04:56   #46
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My PT1911 AL has been a nice purchase with no issues that weren't of my own doing...I changed the recoil spring to an ISMI of the same 16lb. spec (I do this for all my 1911 pattern pistols)...

I think you need to check when making any custom touches just as you might with other pistols of this pattern like grip panels...I've read Raasco stocks are some of my stocks bind a bit with Taurus' ambi-safety...

I wanted to try an aluminum framed 1911 type pistol and the price was right and mine has not disappointed...I read that prices aren't the screaming deals they once were but I'd make my purchase again if the price combo was right...

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Old 04-20-2013, 12:32   #47
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Buying a Taurus like grabbing a treat from Forrest Gump's 'Box o' Chocolates'- you never know what you're gonna get.

I traded for my first Taurus awhile back, a late model PT145. Taurus has a well-deserved reputation for spotty quality control, which manifested itself in the first 20 rounds from this gun. One of the magazines was, politely put, a piece of crap. Luckily, the the dealer had another PT145 on hand and he swapped me out a good mag PDQ. With good magazines, pistol is reliable and it isn't picky about bullet profile. It fed my .45 ACP, 230 lead flat-point reloads slick as a whistle. Early shooting indicates it will keep a magazine on your head at 20 paces. Later shooting revealed that I shoot it just as well as my issue Glock 22, even at 25 yards. I do find the grip of the Millenniums to be on the small side for my hands, and a grip sleeve like this Houge made a noticeable improvement in my unsupported shooting.

General Firearms Forum

I've had a couple if chances to break even on it already but I can't bring myself to do it, It's just the right size, shoots my favorite cartridge... rest of the story here if anyone's interested.

PS... those guys at TaurusArmed are a hoot, some cheerleadin' mofos! They do seem to realize that poorer examples of their pistol just flat suck.

PS- if you're being a retard, don't expect a reply.
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Old 04-20-2013, 12:40   #48
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Well, if you have one, you can always say "at least it's not a diamondback!"

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Old 04-20-2013, 13:34   #49
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I have a Taurus Tracker .41 magnum that my dad bought me twelve years ago,never had a problem out of it.

The only other Taurus I have is a Rossi/Taurus Circuit Judge
that I bought on a whim.So far no problems after about 300 rds. with it.

While I prefer Ruger or S&W,Taurus has some products the niether of the former offer like the Tracker.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their revolvers again. is offline   Reply With Quote

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