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Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
My son lives in Chicago. When he moved there he was surprised to learn two things.

1. There are a lot of home invasions in Chicago because people can't own guns there and they are easy targets. These are hushed up by the police and not reported by the media

2. Many of his well to do clients own guns anyway for protection. Yeah that makes them criminals if they get caught but they are willing to take their chances.
My 2 cents...
You can't blame the "Rank and File" officers. The crime statistics are cooked by the upper echelon and City Hall. Their current Stuporintendent is some *****hat Daley got from New York who had a habit of getting plowed and shooting out street lights back home.
Most Chicago police officers would like CCW, let alone having guns in the home for self defense.
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To remain in power, Chicago has created a criminal culture of gangs, drugs and prostitution that can always be counted on to bring out the minority vote for the Dems. It is an embarrassment for the politicians and the city. But there is no limit to the malfeasance that the corrupt Daley Machine has visited on Chicago and the state of Illinois. And we have one of their finest as POTUS.
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