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How to value firearms for insurance?

I was reading the other thread on firearms insurance and realized I had no idea what my modest colletion is worth. I have a few "historical" or collectable items, but no clue what they might be worth.

e.g. an Arisaka WWII rifle my father got in Japan, complete with chrysanthemum dust shield intact. Never been fired. 1950s Belgian Browning shotgun, etc.

Any place online for free?
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The Fed
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I believe the Gun Digest or whatever it's called might help. You can also check Gunbroker to see what something is selling for.
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Unless you insure them with a stated price, it doesn't really matter what you think they are worth.
Your insurance will pay a price based on some book of values they use. It will not be up to date.
For instance, they might decide that the used value of your Colt AR-15 is only $795.
This may have been true last year, but try and replace it for that price today!
You will find yourself arguing with a bunch of female claims adjusters who know nothing about guns and couldn't care less.
This is the situation I found myself in a few years ago.
I decided that a commercial alarm system and quality gun safes
were my answer.

Based on the last few weeks, any book of gun values is no longer valid.
Sometimes insurance companies will drop you if they think you have too many guns. They think you are an increased risk.

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