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Red Storm Rising...

One of Clancy's earlier books (does not involve Jack Ryan) ...

The article doesn't specify, but if memory serves the USSR false flag event in the book involved school children being killed and injured...

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It was at the Politburo, a bomb that was supposed to be meant for them instead killed a bunch of school children there. The KGB has smuggled the explosives in.
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Dennis in MA
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Pre-Jack Ryan - Clancy's best work. I stopped reading after the IRA tried to kill his family. Lost interest. No. Wait. Maybe it was when he narrowly missed getting blow'd'up by drug dealers. Too bad they didn't have better RPG aim.

Worst was - they pulled out the whiney-faced Harrison Ford (who would probably remake Star Wars with Greedo shooting first) to play Ryan. All he did was put his "I think I'm going to cry" face on. Han Freakin Solo crying.
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The Fist Of Goodness
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Ironic that Ford ended up in movies by George Lucas, and adaptations of Clancy's books. Neither can write dialogue to save their lives. Harrison Ford has the acting style of a koala bear (Raiders of the Lost Ark, excepted).

Red Storm Rising was good because Clancy had a co-author (Larry Bond). It is the only Clancy book that I read twice.

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