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Old 08-01-2013, 23:33   #261
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Join Date: Sep 2009
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A Taurus Millennium 9mm that I bought for a woman was the worst functioning gun I've ever owned. The Charter Arms Bulldog 44spl was the worst/cheapest gun I've ever felt and shot.

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Old 08-01-2013, 23:50   #262
Tony Rumore
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Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: OK, USA
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AMT Hardballer Longslide. Bought it new in the box back in the 80's when they first came out. I believe they were $239 bucks.

It wouldn't feed or eject a single round of hardball ammo. The only way to fire a shot was to poke a single round into the barrel and then close the slide on it. It took a pile of rework to get it operational and then the barrel cracked where the rotating link was attached.
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Old 08-02-2013, 00:12   #263
Dirk Pitt
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Join Date: Jan 1999
Location: USA
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Single shot break open 20 gauge. Got it for the kids, for some reason the recoil on that thing was horrendous. Regardless of load, then it broke no parts. I use the barrel as part of Boy Scout training class, the wood burned quite nicely in the fireplace and the stripped receiver makes a fine paperweight on my desk.

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Old 08-02-2013, 00:15   #264
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Worst gun I ever owned is a Charles Daly 1911 commander appears the barrel bushing is tearing through the slide. Worst gun I ever shot was a Ruger #1 in 458 Lott, I felt it for a week.

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Old 08-02-2013, 19:34   #265
Current Resident
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Easy, I was planning on a Canadian trip in the bush with my son, so I said maybe we need a light weight .22 for an emergency. We were going to be dropped some 20 miles from the central base camp and be on our own for a week.

I bought a Henry .22 Survival Rifle. "What a disappointment" is an understatement. The rifle never did cycle, the orange front sight would move side to side. We never did shoot 4 magazine through it. I called customer service and they thought that them sending me another magazine would appease me. We took it small game hunting in an area that was filthy with squirrels, noted for close shot opportunities, missed every single time! Lord help the soul that would really need it to provide food to stay alive.

RIP OPA 1929-2014, Always By My Side

If you don't own, have never shot, never carried a PF9, then SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, MINE GOES BANG EVERY TIME! Elwood
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Old 08-03-2013, 04:22   #266
Larry V
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Solon Ohio , Suburb of Cleveland
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Springfield XD . Very disappointing
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Old 08-03-2013, 09:19   #267
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Jiminez 9mm
Keltec p32
Three different darringers
Sears 1962 model semi auto 22
Smith And Wesson 22a-1
1970 colt clone of the 25 auto
A old revolver chambered in 32long. Literslly fell apart in my hand
And .......
I had the only ruger 10/22 on the planet that didn't work. Traded or sold all of these
glock 17 20 30 32 33 wwII 1911a1, colt combat commander, ruger p94 p90
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Old 08-04-2013, 11:33   #268
mike g35
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Location: Charleston W.V.
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Originally Posted by pmcsurf1 View Post
worst gun ever: Any Glock
Best gun ever: Any High Point
General Firearms Forum
This is a joke right?

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Firearms sales rep for ASR / Modern Firearms
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Old 08-04-2013, 11:49   #269
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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
This is a joke right?

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I have zero experience with hi-point handguns. I do own the 9MM carbine. it is as ugly as the backside of a mud fence. but....it is a darn good shooter. accurate, reliable, and loads of fun. I bolted a cheapo BSA red dot on it. I use it for transition drills from carbine to handgun, using a single point sling. you can shoot 'pins so fast with it, you think it is magic. the only downside, is the stingy 10 round capacity magazines [clips for some of you guys ]. I have been thinkin' bout getting a .45 carbine in the new, not quite as ugly, stock configuration.
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Old 08-04-2013, 18:38   #270
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Posts: 9
Marlin xs-7 in 308 just junk
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Old 10-12-2013, 20:10   #271
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Location: Danville Va
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Para LTC PCX99R (1911 9mm) completely unreliably.
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Old 10-12-2013, 21:32   #272
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 63
I'd say a Kel-Tec PF9 not because of jams or anything the gun runs so I'll trust it but that trigger is god awful and gritty as all get out. However I prefer that trigger over the S&W Sigma that a couple of friends have. They talk about how its a cheaper glock and works but good god even the Gen 2 Glocks had a lighter/better trigger.
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Old 10-12-2013, 21:42   #273
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 9
marlin xs-7

MARLIN xs-7 in .308 cal first shot on the money after that it just gets wider apart ANY marlin coming out of the ky plant is just JUNK......
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Old 10-12-2013, 21:44   #274
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+1 for the original SW Smegma triggers
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Old 10-13-2013, 05:39   #275
Grip n Rip!
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Location: Manvel, TX
Posts: 31
My marlin model 60 22lr has the worst trigger I've ever felt, and the worst factory iron sights I own. It has a poor excuse for a scope mount (dovetails do not seem solid to me at all), a very cheap wood stock (it looks and feels like toothpick material), plus I don't like the tubular magazine because you're limited to 16 rounds with no extra mags loaded and ready to go. A tubular mag also makes it impossible to thread the barrel and mount a suppressor device. The aftermarket is very poor for the Model60. I think a new stock is about all I can ever see myself buying. On top of all that, it's pretty difficult to breakdown and clean; we all know how dirty 22lr shoots.

All that being said, it's been 100% reliable for 7 years and it is a tack driver. So it gets to stay with me.

I purchased a used ruger 10/22 to have more options for accesorizing a 22lr. I wanted to add things like a bull barrel, a muzzle device, competition trigger, a nice scope and a hogue stock. While it fills the accessory role very well, it's the most unreliable gun I have. It is also a tack driver, but it fails to eject or fails to feed about a quarter of the time I pull the trigger.
Slow is smooth...Smooth is fast

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Old 10-13-2013, 10:26   #276
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Location: Cincinnati
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I had a RG revolver I bought in a pawn shop back in the 80's, 38 caliber as I recall. It would fire but it shaved lead and spray out the side of the cylinder. A real piece of junk.
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Old 10-13-2013, 16:07   #277
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Location: Ohio
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One of those KEL-tec subbies.The fell apart.
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Old 10-14-2013, 00:10   #278
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: VA
Posts: 72
Sig 220 Carry when they first came out. Three trips back to Sig and they never got it to feed correctly.
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