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G26 Gen4 on backorder

My sister works (office staff) for a Sheriff's Dept. in W-PA. All the deputies swear by Glock, and most of them have a lot of certifications including the "Glocksmithing" one. My sister recently took her basic pistol training which was taught by her own deputy who lent her a Glock for the training. She liked it and shortly thereafter bought a G26 Gen4 and got a nice discount due to working for the sheriff. She brought it home and I got to put a box of target ammo through it. I had never shot a Glock before except once at a range a few yrs back. That gun hurt my hand and felt very uncomfortable. My sister's G26 felt perfect in my hand. I was able to put an entire magazine into a 15" circle from 25' firing as fast as I could. That's the best I ever did with a pistol! The sights on this G26 really catch my eye quickly and let me line up fast. The trigger break is perfect and I don't have to straighten my finger out very much before it lets me squeeze back again. As a result I don't get that left to right pull when I do my one handed rapid defensive fire drills.

Prior to this I had been an XDM fan (9mm and 45) but the 9 is too big for pocket carry. I will keep my XDM .45 because it's a nice woods and nightstand gun. It has a 180 lumen TLR-1 light/strobe which is a good package for woods and nightstand. It also handles 45 super really well with just the addition of the beefy spring.

Now that I have discovered the G26, the XDM 9mm is redundant and will be sold/bartered. The G26 is just small enough for pocket carry loose fitting blue jeans with a pocket holster.

One other reason I'm getting it now is that the recent tragedy in CT could have near future repercussions that affect people trying to buy pistols. The dealer I bought my XDMs and Mossberg from told me that sales in the past week have exploded and nearly every pistol brand is on back-order trying to keep up with demand.

Now that I'm in the club I'll be asking some Glockcessory questions soon. Thanks for letting me post.

p.s My sister took her test with another woman who did not have a pistol yet so I lent lent her my XDM 9mm. The Sheriff's deputies had not handled an XDM yet. I sort of expected them to diss it but they said they liked the way it felt and handled. They took a turn shooting it and liked everything but the trigger. They said it was just a tad mushier than their Glocks and it required more distance to reset than they were used to. Other than that they were complimentary of it.

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That the gen 4 Glock 26 might be on back order makes me doubly glad I was able to snag one from my local dealer yesterday.

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Bought mine two days ago. Only thing it is the Gen 3 as here in CA only LEO's can purchase a Gen 4. Go figure? I get to pick it up first week of January.
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Originally Posted by mglindo View Post
Bought mine two days ago. Only thing it is the Gen 3 as here in CA only LEO's can purchase a Gen 4. Go figure? I get to pick it up first week of January.
That sucks to have to wait! Here in Texas i left the store with it in less than 30 minutes after deciding to purchase it.

My LGS had a Gen 3 available for $100 cheaper, but I decided to go for the brand new one. I can't wait to go shooting!


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g26 gen4
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