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Live TV-IM-PM-Social Media

Earlier while watching a movie there was a clear shot of the Twin Towers and I caught myself reflecting upon that day, and then I remembered the explosion of The Challenger which I also watched on Live TV.

With a little more reflection I thought about instant messaging and private messaging. This naturally leads to social media like Facebook, GT and other forms of internet social media.

I can't help but wonder what the effects of internet social media will be for future generations. We sure conduct a lot of interpersonal business in non-personal ways, sometimes with strangers. I've thought more than once that's it a little odd that I feel closer to a couple of folks on GT than I do people in real life.

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Isaac Asimov described a society on a planet called Solaria (Caves of Steel series) where the inhabitants never physically met one another and, in fact, had a pathological fear of human contact. The communicated by 'viewing' each other as holographs.

We're headin' that way.
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I have to admit that I'm frequently surprised by the differences in people's internet personalities as opposed to who they are in real life.

The guys on my local forum are all bad mojo's on the internet and pretty nice fellow's at our local gun club.
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