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Originally Posted by kylenewman View Post
Imagine a decent processor/gpu running a televsion with integrated storage. Putting a leaned down Mac mini within a slim led tv would revolutionize tv/video content if the content owners and service providers could work together.
They can make a beautiful piece of hardware but I think jobs focus was how the viewer interacts with the TV.
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It can be done
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Originally Posted by NAS T MAG View Post
December 31, 2012 13104.14
January 31, 2013 13860.58
February 28, 2013 14054.49

I think it is your imagination.

He posted that over three months ago. Why don't you go back and dig up the numbers between the election and when when that post was made since those would be relevant to his post.

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Originally Posted by Glocksanity View Post
Great time to buy!! Stock is going down. Don't buy at the top. Apple is awesome and will always go up.

What? Stocks are in a bubble? Treasuries and in a bubble? Buy gold? What? But gold is near its all time high.
Haha, I bet people were saying that when Apple was at $700 too. The same has been said about a lot of companies (Microsoft for example), and Apple is facing a lot of problems right now. For example, they've saturated the high-end device market, and are currently seeing their market share drop across the board worldwide. There isn't any more room for them to grow in their current markets. All the while, Samsung has been successfully competing with them in the high-end market and has been absolutely destroying them worldwide because they are in markets where Apple doesn't even play. All of this talk about the lower-end iphone is exactly what they need to be doing, however they are already far behind and will be playing catch-up. Point is, I highly doubt that Apple can sustain their growth in the long term. And if they don't grow, neither will their stock price.

Edit: just realized that I replied to a 4 month old post. Apple stock has lost about $100 since then.

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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
I think it is and has been overpriced for a while. An I am a Apple nerd. This has been a long time coming IMO. They make world class stuff and are innovators unlike any others but not to the degree the stock is priced now IMO.
They haven't innovated a thing for about 2-3 years now. And that is part of the problem. Making things larger or smaller is not innovation.

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Originally Posted by Glocksanity View Post
So, what were the final numbers for the loss? How far did you have to spread and how deep did you get hammered with your AAPL play?

AAPL is trading around $441.

Yep, the stock market is amazing. AAPL from $700 to $441 in about six months.

But gold is so dangerous to own. At least that is what many here have told me.
I did not make this trade --

My point was - if you thought Apple was about to go up - from where is was on November 15 around $525 - a better way to play would have been a call spread.

Loss before commissions would have been $7,600 you spent on the call spread - $4,800 you collected on the put spread = $2,800 net loss.

Hard to compare (apples to apples) using a call & put spread to just buying the stock - but if a person would have bought Apple instead - they would have also lost.

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