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Old 11-19-2012, 09:16   #26
Big Bird
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I've got the Wilson/Scattergun Tech oversize on my 870. And I've used safeties behind the trigger in the field hunting since I was a very young teenager (an Ithaca 37 has the safety in the same place and that's what I used when I was a kid). But in truth Benelli's safety location in front of the trigger guard makes more sense and the Mossberg safety on the back of the receiver (along with the location of the slide release on Mossbergs) is so intuitive it makes the operation of the gun very natural with the only drawback being if you use a pistol grip.

But I agree about oversize safeties. Hell, look at the entire 1911 world with all kinds of oversize safeties...
Big Bird,

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The Cooler
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I think that in a sense, a good argument can be made that it is somewhat irresponsible not to have an extended safety on one's 870.

Once you perceive a threat and you've made the decision to fire, your goal is the deliver that shot as quickly as you can. I don't think there is much universal diagreement that a domed safety is quicker to disengage although people are plenty quich with a Wilson or standard one.
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I find the postion of the safety on the Remington Shotguns perfect for me. I can click it off with the second joint of my trigger finger on the way to the trigger so there is only one motion. Going to the front of the trigger guard then back to the trigger is a wasted motion and that is time I can't afford in a fight. If I am on the way to the trigger I am going to fire. Disengaging a top tang safety then going to the trigger is also two motions and is slower the the Remington safety.

My entire goal in a fighting shotgun is to reduce CUT's. This is an acronym I came up with for Combat Unit of Time and it is messured from the time his primer ignites to when his round hits you in the chest. That is FAST. So, if I reduce my CUT's and my round hits him before he can depress his trigger, I win. So everything I do to a shotgun and every time I train with it the only thing on my mind is my response time to the threat on my life.
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