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laws on greater than 5 MW?

I have a Green laser sight that I have modified from its stock 5 MW to something much greater. I am not sure how bright it is but I can see it at 25 yards with sunglasses on and the sun directly in my eyes at sunset. (Discovered this shooting late one afternoon)

I know that there are laws regulating this and that non military/LE are not allowed to purchase laser sights with greater than 5 MW but what if I modified it myself? Does anyone know the laws on this or where I might look. I currently carry this laser and just want to be obeying the laws. (Whether I agree with them or not)

Thanks in advance for any input.
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then by law you cannot place it on a weapon or point it at an individual. The FDA sets requirements for laser power and type and you should be able to find the rules and regs on their web site.
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5mW is the highest power level of class IIIA lasers, Past that they are no longer considered "eye safe". An eye safe laser can be exposed to an unprotected eye for 0.5 of second without doing permanent damage.

Class IIIA is the highest rating that a consumer can purchase or possess legally.

Your modified laser could do permanent damage with any direct exposure.

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