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Glocks, POI & trigger work

In a Glock, is it conceivable that a lightened trigger could result in POI shifting left? I've generally done the $0.25 trigger job + Glock "-" connector on all my Glocks, and I've had to adjust the rear sights on all of them over to the right. Not all the way over...but enough to be easily noticed.

I've noticed when firing other people's Glocks, POI is good with the sights centered...particularly when firing other people's brand new Glocks.

I took my new 30S to the range today for the first time, having done no trigger work to it yet, and it's right on. I had already replaced the sights...and I just double-checked and see that I did install the rear sight just slightly offset to the right...but it's minor enough that without taking a caliper to it, you have to really study it to notice the offset.

I would have expected a lighter trigger to minimize the tendency to squeeze the grip and pull the shots left or low/left, not accentuate it.

Firing the 30SF and 30S side by side, I think I actually liked the stock 30S trigger better than the lightened 30SF trigger.

I bought the 30S primarily for GSSF MajorSub. I'm actually considering leaving the 5lb connector in place...maybe just doing some hand polishing of it, the trigger bar, and other moving fire-control parts.
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I have had the same experience. Don't know why.
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