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Old 10-06-2012, 18:25   #1
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Please help me with Fobus belt holsters and mag pouches

OK, so I have some OWB Fobus holsters and mag pouches that I want to use for IDPA. The problem is that I can't seem to situate them directly over the belt loops on the sides of my jeans. They either go in front, which is illegal in IDPA, or behind the belt loop, which is harder to reach.

I have a thick 1.5 inch leather belt and a 1.75 inch nylon belt, but it's the same problem with each.

I want them right where the belt loop is, but I can't manage to feed the belt through the holster, then the loop, then back through the holster - it's too difficult to maneuver.

Aside from buying a different brand holster, can anyone tell me how to place the Fobus holster on the side?

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Old 10-06-2012, 19:19   #2
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It would reasonably seem your options would be to buy different pants (the belt loops are located in different positions among the brands I wear, so I understand your situation) ... buy a different holster ... or, adjust your draw/presentation to accommodate reaching slightly more rearward (training & familiarization issue).

FWIW, switching back and forth among the leather & plastic holsters I typically use (depending on activities, clothing, pistol choices, etc), I've had to reach slightly more forward or rearward upon occasion, or adjust to a slightly different cant, and it's only been a minor training/equipment consideration.

Kind of like when I was originally having to train myself to adjust to slightly differently positioned, raised and/or canted holsters depending whether I was wearing my gun belt (in uniform), an off-duty holster/belt or later on, for plainclothes (when my dress slacks often had belt loops located differently than my jeans).

In those instances my learning to adjust to the different equipment combinations seemed to me to be a potential matter of life & death, since I might have to use any of them under different circumstances on & off-duty.

For competition venues? Suit yourself. You're the one going to be using it. You might find a differently positioned/canted OWB or paddle holster might actually suit you better, at some point.

Oh yeah, for a couple of paddle holsters that have to straddle my outermost hip belt loop because of their width, I simply position the holster to do so. But then, I don't have to take gaming rules into consideration, either.
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Old 10-06-2012, 19:39   #3
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theres not way around it. either use a different pants or get a different holster. this is where paddle holsters shine. they are not limited to belt loop placement
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Old 10-06-2012, 20:23   #4
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Do what I do. Skip that belt loop; and, after securing the holster, just cinch your belt an inch tighter.
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Thanks guys.
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