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Capt. Hindsight
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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
I would like to see how a President with no one in Congress could change domestic policies. He would only have "Executive Orders" which is what Obama is abusing.

I would like to see someone like him WITH ENOUGH SUPPORT on the Hill to get things done. But I am afraid that looking to the highest office in the Federal Government to cure the problem of a Federal Government that is too big is a bit like wiping your tail on a hoop.

In a way it is either oxymoronic or ironic (depending on how it is said) to look for one person to solve the problem of a centralized Federal Government. It's kind of like hoping a new bartender can help you stop drinking.
Here's an idea. How about Paulistas focus on winning local offices, like Mayor and City Councilman. They could balance local budgets, impose strict fiscal policies and spend within their own limits. They could reduce or even eliminate the inefficient and unnecessary programs, and show fiscal surpluses.

Once they proved their success at the local level, they could move up to statewide offices like State Senator and Governor. There they could test and prove the efficacy of their ideas and fiscal policies. They could run a state and turn it into one of the best in the nation in terms of quality of life and growth. Jobs and businesses would flock to those cities and states, if the ideas worked well.

After proving their ideas work at the local and statewide levels, Paulistas could at least point out the successes of their programs rather than simply throwing bombs and critiquing programs put in place by others. Instead of grabbing for the whole pie, like the Presidency, try starting with a slice, like Mayor or Governor.

Itís easy to criticize; itís quite another to govern, at any level.
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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
He's believes in the Constitution. Yah, he may be a little crazy (or a lot. Arguable!) but then so am I. I really would liked to have seen what happened with him as president. God knows it couldn't be any worse that what's going on right now.
He probably would have vetoed the same % of bills that he voted against. I think that would be a huge step in the right direction.
Some people want freedom, even for those they disagree with, and some don't.
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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
The constitution is not, nor was it meant to be absolutely literal.
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Diesel McBadass
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the two party system exists because most people support one of the parties, the third party types are in the minority usually cause most people dont support them. Its simple.
Rest In Peace Silent_Runner.
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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Sent from either dailypaul or ronpaulforums.

They are desperate to avoid the irrelevance that they have achieved.
That you both missed the point again is unsurprising. Look at the text in my opening post of the other thread for a hint.
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Originally Posted by fortyofforty View Post
Wow, two anti-Romney threads with IDENTICAL titles. What are the odds?
Wow, two IDENTICAL incorrect and clueless posts. What are the odds?
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