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Old 08-25-2014, 07:44   #1
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About to start reloading 10mm questions


I'm about to start reloading for the first time because of my new found love of 10mm. I've owned my G29 for almost a year and love this gun. Ammo at first was fine since my range kept 180grain white box in stock and I hadn't fired anything else through the gun. I recently fired some Buffalo Bore and Underwood through it and my eyes were opened!

I've been collecting my brass from the white box I've been shooting which is Nickel coated and set Star Line to notify me when they are stocked again. I'm planning on picking up a Hornady Lock n Load AP press with Hornady semi-custom .40/10mm die set to take advantage of the mail-in 600 free XTP bullets. I have a Hornady 2L sonic cleaner. Basic digital scale and caliper. A pack of Federal Match large pistol primers gifted from a friend. Also, pretty much all the basics covered in hand tool from when I was a mechanic at Sears.

On to my questions:
First, is the powder availability as bad as I've heard and is there a relatively inexpensive source? My friend who shoots Production in USPSA ranked GM and reloads and told me, "don't bother, because no one can get powder right now".

Secondly, is the setup described above adequate for someone new to reloading and 10mm who is pretty mechanically inclined? Any suggestions or comments regarding said equipment? Price wise it is the optimal fit for my budget with current deals/rebates.

Thirdly, any wisdom you are willing to bestow on a new reloader, especially one new reloading 10mm? I've watched countless instructional YouTube videos and read through as much posted material as I could find, but that only goes so far without practical hands on experience.
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Old 08-25-2014, 12:35   #2
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Welcome to the addiction of reloading.

I think your setup sounds fine. Reloading books like Lee 2nd Edition, Hornaday or Speer, Lyman, etc. are invaluable sources of good process information and knowledge. Any one of them will go a long way to explaining everything you need to know.

Powder is a challenge right now, perhaps not quite as dire as your friend indicated but a challenge for certain. Most recently it feels a little better, whether that is temporary or the start of a real change for the better, only time will tell.

Gunbot is a good online app to identify online sources for powder, when it is in stock, etc. LGS is probably you best bet other than Gunbot.

Blue Dot has been available a fair amount lately and is a good 10mm powder. Other good candidates, AA #9, 800X, Longshot, Power Pistol (for lighter bullets especially).

Good luck, have fun.
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dasReaper, Welcome to the forum here. The handloading isn't difficult but if just starting it will take a while to reap the benefits of saving money whereas you will enjoy the custom ammo you can make to suit your needs. Yes many components are spotty but have been steadily increasing in availabilities. Recently the Academy Store started to handle primers down here. No word on if they will handle powders...

You will need to be internet savvy to grasp the supplies when you can find them, you will need to comb your local area and forums too, looking for the best deals vs, shipping and handling and Haz-Mat cost.

That being said Carbide dies are a must for the 10mm and 40S&W, pass-through sizing is a big plus (study this option) to recondition your brass. Balance Beam scales (quality is what you pay for) are a good choice for trickling hand weighed charges, Digital scales can drift and require rezeroing (quality varies).

You will have to have a relationship with the scales so you know just how they work, their shortcomings and the advantages as the meet your needs. Your life can depend on your understanding and their accuracy.

You can not have enough data to cross reference, here you can find plenty to download for free as published by the powder makers over the years.


If you have time, drop by the 10mmFirearms forum, many 10mm enthusiast are there as well. Plenty info at your disposal. http://10mm-firearms.com/index.php

Best regards and congrats on your newly found hobby!
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Old 08-25-2014, 16:34   #4
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Do yourself a favor and set up an account with every supplier of powder on Gunbot. I did this and even entered my CC information so they have it on file. The reason for this is because a lot of times you will see something that will work for you and go to buy it. By the time you enter all your information and hit check out the items will be removed from your cart and it will say "Sold Out."
I have gotten lucky on Gunbot because with my information on file I can check out really fast. Just in the last few months I have gotten quite a bit of powder using this method. I also leave my laptop open and the Gunbot website up when I am home. You have to jump on things fast if you want to get it before it is sold out.
I hope this helps.
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Old 09-05-2014, 18:05   #5
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Started loading this year with my Dillon 550B. Was buying supplies last winter and it was tough but not impossible. Aside from LGS, area gun shows, and websites like cabelas, midway, Natchez, graf and sons, etc. I was able to get all I needed and then some. But it may very well take you a few weeks to amass what you need if loading several calibers. Do yourself a favor and determine 2-3 popular powders for each of your calibers/purposes. For example I got an 8 lb jug of Unique at Cabelas, but it wasn't the powder I was looking for. However it works fine and was on my radar so I bought it. Shot some 9 mm test loads tonight in fact for first time. Glad I got 8 pounds to play with. Be flexible and have a few different powders to choose from.


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