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Lot of great info in this thread.
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lethal tupperwa
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with the j-hook you can remove this without unholstering.

I know that a 3 year old can pull the trigger on a S&W model 10.

Kids watch everything the will learn the combo to lock box if you are careless.

also where you "hide" the key.

With mine it was, If you want to look at it I will make sure it is unloaded

we will check and then you can look.
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Originally Posted by blk88 View Post
Not worried about my son drawing the piece. Just worried about the constant inquisitiveness and looking to see if other had similar experiences.
If your son was constantly groping your crotch and your wife's crotch and chest...would you simply let him?

I hope not...

Correct his actions, don't just let him do it. While you are dismissing his actions as inquisitiveness, his actions are also rude and even potentially dangerous. Just stop letting him do it...period.
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Old 01-02-2013, 10:18   #79
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Originally Posted by NEVRL8T View Post
Lot of great info in this thread.
There is, and I appreciate all the input. ScottieG59 and Maine1, thanks for your replies. That is the input I was looking for directly. I guess I needed to be a little more clear on what type of info I was looking for.

I think we all understand the simple "do not touch" reaction. My intent in creating this thread was more of life experiences and not "hand slapping" advice. Since my last update, my son did notice my gun which was IWB. I just told him danger, moved his hand and covered it back up. He was content with that. He understands "danger." Until his comprehension is a little better, I think that's where I am with him. I will fefinitely be doing gun saftey with him once I feel he grasps the concept. As of now it will be addressed as the situation occurs. For those that haven't read through the whole thread:

When at home my firearm is ALWAYS IWB or in a locked Gun Vault Digital Safe. It's never just laying out. I carry C1 because the time to rack the slide could be the difference of life and death. I used to carry C3, but after about 2 minutes of "what if thoughts" I quickly swithced to C1.

Thanks again for all the responses!

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Old 01-02-2013, 17:02   #80
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The key, i think, is inclusion and education.
I make weapons of all types part of our family culture, and we talk about it often, clean weapons, discuss issues, train, ect.
The idea being to NOT make 'the gun" a forbidden fruit, just a tool that is good to have around, that must be respected for the damage it can do, and used safeley. No big deal, just needs to be consistently reinforced. I am also inoculating him against anti-gun bias.
Its often said that we have a "gun culture " in the US. Thats is only true if we make it so in our own lives, not hidign it in shame, or in fear of negative reactions. We should take a page out of the gay's playbook and be proud!
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Old 01-02-2013, 21:58   #81
Die, bird, die!
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I'm guessing you need to teach your son to not reach in your pocket. It's rude behavior, curiosity or not. And before you get all bent out of shape, I have four kids, ages 5-13.
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Old 01-06-2013, 09:53   #82
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Not sure if it was said already...

Carry the gun on your person, or lock it up. You'll be g2g.

Don't set it on the table, nightstand, end-table, counter. Don't let your kid play with it, don't let him see where you keep it when you put it in the safe and lock it up. Keep interest to a min.
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Don't carry it in your pocket. Us a proper belt mounted holster. Pockets are for keys, knives, hands, etc. guy near me had a gun in his pocket while shopping. Kid reached in his pocket and shot himself.
Originally Posted by blk88 View Post
So I just received my CCW permit and I'm eager to carry and take defensive pistol classes. Mine and my wife's concern is our 2 year old son. He's very curious and if he feels things in my pocket he's digging for it. The thing is that he's the reason I feel I want to carry. I never want to be in a position to where I can't protect my family. I've started to see the world in a different light due recent events and my love for my family. I realize that there are bad people in the world and the can surface any where at any time. I want to carry concealed, but worry about my son being curious and is too young to understand. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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