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Old 09-30-2012, 13:51   #1
Rex G
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Kinder, gentler pistols...

Mas, it is good to see you doing well, and posting regularly here on GT! I last saw you at the Snubby Summit; the first time was at a training event in Houston, in the 1980s, when you and Ray Chapman instructed; I believe a police union arranged the event.

Well, we all get older. My PD employer allows us to use these .40 duty pistols: P229, P226, G22, G23, and S&W M&P40. The "C" versions of the Glocks are acceptable. We buy our duty weapons. I carried the G22 from 2002-2004, then switched to a P229 DAK, which I tend to shoot better. Well, the P229's high bore axis, plus the snappy .40 recoil, is starting to really hurt my formerly stronger wrist, whether that hand is the weapon hand or support hand. I had really hoped to retire with the P229 as my duty pistol, but this now appears problematic. I will give up a bit of square-range accuracy, in order to lessen damage to my wrist. We train with "Sim" Glocks, which has shown me Glocks will enable me to get the job done with realistic practical accuracy. It looks like I may well revert to Glocks.

My questions: What are your thoughts on a G22C as a duty and
defensive pistol? Should I also buy a standard G22 barrel, to carry on the street, and only use the G22C barrel during qual and training?

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Old 09-30-2012, 16:38   #2
Mas Ayoob
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Good to hear from you, Rex!

Any of those good pistols will get you through the night. The concern with the compensated Glock, of course, is that the "retention position" is out of the tactical toolbox since any compensated gun can blow burning gases and powder debris dangerously into the eyes from that position.

I'd say, try to find a rental range and compare G22, G22C, and M&P with the duty ammo. One or the other will show itself to be the puppy that wants to follow you home.

Keep on stayin' safe,
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Old 10-01-2012, 15:16   #3
Rex G
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Thanks, Mas. Be safe and well!
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