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Those doggone Glocks are addictive. Enjoy!
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Good luck with your G30sf. I have a G30sf and love it. Bought it about a year ago. Had a regular G30 about three years ago and did not like the feel of it in my hand and could not shoot it well. For some reason the mag would pinch my finger when firing. I decided to give the G30 another try and bought another one. I took this one to the range and I was shooting like a champ, and it felt great in my hand and I couldn't understand why the big difference. I was examing the gun later and noticed that it was marked G30sf, go figure. No finger pinch with the G30sf seems the recoil is lighter than a G30......I did not like those metal clips that attach to the slide plate..... they don't feel secure on your belt, they move around and I do not feel comfortable with them attached to the firearm. I found the Crossbreed Super Tuck and the Don Hume Soft Pocket holsters the best method to carry this pistol....The Glock30sf 10 round mags are tough to seat and cycle with a full mag of ammo, after you leave the mags loaded for a period of time they will seat and cycle well.
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