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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
Glock doesn't call their action DAO, but rather "Safe Action". IDPA uses the same terminology. There's a difference.
Negative. The Glock is a locked breach, recoil operated double action only pistol. This is verbatim right from Glock via the armorer's course...
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Originally Posted by DannyR View Post
The designation has nothing to do with the length of the trigger pull. Since there is no hammer to cock or decock, it is designated DAO.

I just love the sound effects on some TV shows when you hear someone cocking a Glock.

Think in terms of revolvers:

Single Action
Of course it is not have an invisible hammer that you pull down...
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Originally Posted by SouthernBoyVA View Post
Yes,this is technically true. In reality the M&P design, and that of theSpringfield XD series, is a SAO, but S&W classes their M&P line as DAOpistols. Perhaps because there is no such designation of SAO (this is a guesson my part).
My x5 is designated by Sig as SAO and I also agree on your stand about the trigger of the M&P - it is way better than off the box Glock's, especially gens up to 3, gen4 is different, maybe I find it better because I only shot “-“ connectors.

I also agree on the defining the action from what the trigger is doing, but in the case of M&P and XD, manufacturer was intentionally looking for that trigger to “feel” as DA trigger, it was market targeting, so things are not so simple…

There is of course designation based on the mechanical properties of the system (trigger) but generally speaking, the gun should be “black box” a shooter does not have to know how the mechanics work, you feel this by the trigger, it’s a user interface, you designate the trigger by the way you feel it, that’s why (I could be wrong, and actually I’m not looking for discussion, it’s just an opinion…) in regard that Glock does not have a second strike capability as for instance Sig 250, I would say: mechanically it is DA pistol, by user interface, by the way you operate the gun it is SA.
Safe Action for me is just marketing gimmick, that little thing on the trigger is mechanically anything else but safety, there is no probable way of pressing on this trigger, by finger or any otherway, without pressing on the “safety” so IMHO this thing is far from “Safety Action”and there are plenty of cases to support such idea…
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Defining DAO

Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
I always think of a true double action having second strike capability. Anything less is not true double action because it takes an additional separate action to get the gun to fire.

Maybe Glock is "two" action - or 1 1/2 action - but it is not double action.
Agreed, the lack of a second strike precludes it from being a true DAO. If you have a misfire on a Glock, for whatever reason, the slide must be cycled to reset the trigger. I always thought striker fired is a more descriptive phrase.
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