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Old 10-20-2012, 12:46   #26
Bruce M
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Sorry to read about and see your issue. My "range" G26 has more rounds through it than the other G26 (I'd guess maybe 3-4000 but just a guess. I can't balance my checkbook let alone manipulate a spreadsheet to keep accurate track of rounds.) and it has no signs of that gouging at all. I am no expert but that just does not look right to me.
I never talked to anyone who had to fire their gun who said "I wished I had the smaller gun and fewer rounds with me" Just because you find a hundred people who agree with you on the internet does not mean you're right.
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Epilogue - Now You Know the Rest of the Story!

Epilogue Ė A Happy Ending

I want to update everyone reading this forum on the outcome to my problem with my G27 Gen 4 Glock. After shipping the pistol off to Glock, which I wasnít really authorized to do, - I had simply informed them that they were getting the pistol back and I asked them to evaluate the problem that I was having!

I shipped it FedEx overnight and had record of the receipt of the pistol at the Glock factory. Quite a while went by and on Day 29 I received a call from Lee at the Glock factory to discuss the problem. I asked him replace the damaged frame with a new frame, which I didnít feel could be repaired to like new condition. With a little reluctance, I was told that he had to talk with his supervisor. The new frame was APPROVED!

I then discussed my cost of sending my new G27 back for repair. He told me that Glock would NOT pay for any of shipping costs to return my new pistol to the factory. But, he did offer to replace my sights with the Glock Night Sights to at least partially compensate me. So, thatís the story and we parted as friends, - no complaints about Lee.

Yesterday was my Glockís 36 Day Odyssey away from home, - a FedEx Truck arrived with the little box to sign for. What a happy looking little gun. I instantly took it apart to examine the new frame and viewed what looked like the brand new pistol that I had purchased the first week in October. Their packing list was straight forward, - INSPECTED, REPLACED FRAME, MEETS FACTORY SPECS, TESTED OK.

Now to the fun part! Lock myself in a dark room and look at the new Night Sights! (Better than telling time with a new Rolex) They look really nice to me!

Now to the real fun, - add some bullets and start shooting! I shot a box of 158 Gr. Federal Copper Jacket Solids without any malfunction in any way. Then I tried 25 of my own reloads, knowing full well that reloading is NOT APPROVED by Glock. I had spent an inordinate amount of time making sure that my 135 Grain JHP Nosler looked like factory ammo. I even went so far as taking each individual cartridge and dropping it in the chamber of my removed barrel. After hearing the happy little thunk of the each cartridge bottoming out and then effortless falling out of what appears as a slightly oversized chamber, I loaded of up the clips and started firing. Again, no surprises of any sort. The gun fired flawlessly every time and is deadly (Scary) accurate at 25 yards!

I had noticed, upon inspecting the pistol, that there was little or no lubricant showing on the factory returned pistol. Yes, I know that this is NORMAL. On page 26 of my Glock manual, under the section on Cleaning the Field Stripped Pistol, there is a note under the SLIDE stating that the copper colored lubricant found on portions of the slide of a brand new GLOCK pistol should not be removed, as it will help in the long-term lubrication of the slide. Well, I didnít find any of this copper based colloidal lubricate on my slide, so I added an extremely light coating of Nuclear Never Seize 2000, which is an anti-galling copper based lubricant to the slide rail. Now the gun looks like a brand NEW gun from the factory again!

Glock getís Four and a Half Stars out of a possible Five Stars, - which is an outstanding GRADE! Had I received a cash reimbursement for my return shipping cost of the new gun, I would have chosen to award them the full 5th STAR.

Regardless, I am 100% satisfied with the gun at this time.

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Arc Angel
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Glad everything worked out all right for you, John. One suggestion: Remove the anti-seize compound from, both, your slide rails (Where it should NOT be.) and from the slide's reset cam. (Where it no longer needs to be.)

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Launch Control - All Systems are NOMINAL!

Further Update, - Spent yesterday afternoon shooting the newly repaired G27 Glock and have managed to reach my 200 round threshold. Yes, I know this gun is still a babe in the woods! Although I was told that the gouging was once normal, the new NORMAL leaves the frame unscathed in any way, what a pleasant surprise.

I was so excited after returning home that, I ignored my better judgment and cleaned the little baby. I probably used some unauthorized solvent (like Hoppeís #9) and some Rem Oil for lubrication, but the pistol hasnít dissolved yet!. A little bit baby Rem oil goes a long way.

Iíve attached a couple of photos to document the lack of abuse on the new frame. I wish all stories had a happened ending.

Attached Thumbnails
General Glocking - Click for larger version   General Glocking - Click for larger version  
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Good deal

There is only two ways to get the gouging

1- Most common, someone maybe a person looking to buy the gun not necessarily you didn't put the spring back in the ASSEMBLY notch and replaced the slide back onto the frame- pushing the spring back into that ASSEMBLY notch must be done every time.

2- A RSA happened to become badly out of spec and caused it- rare but not impossible.

BTW the spring will move out of the half moon ASSEMBLY notch and fall down to operating position, that is normal. There's and assembly position and an operating position.

If you study the way a Glock works there is no way the RSA will stay in contact with the barrel and still work. When you assemble the gun the spring falls down and the rear of the spring rests against the polymer frame (just above the slide lock spring). When you remove the slide the barrel notch catches the top of the spring on the way off and brings the spring with it.

Glad Glock got you cleared up. I have had several Sub-compact Glocks and they are in my opinion the perfect size.

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