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Originally Posted by Misty02 View Post
In theory that makes sense. I just donít know how anyone would not see danger from a 100 person mob when one throws a rock at you.

I really dislike that quote.

It is very simple. They do not see a 100 person mob. The see 100 individuals (not a mob, not a group, not a gang...100 individual people) of which thru a rock. Couple that with the notion that the majority of people are good, and you have someone under the delusion that it is the rock-chucker who is outnumbered and surrounded.
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Originally Posted by Misty02 View Post
If you google “mob attacks” “criminal flash mobs” and the like, you’ll find it is not all that uncommon. I did the research some time ago and was a bit surprised none were published for Florida in the past couple of years. A big one happened not long ago at a fair, I think it was one of the “M” states, but I don’t recall exactly.

I read that story before; I couldn’t fathom what the person that got out of the car was thinking. What was the objective? What did he plan to accomplish? Why would anyone get out a vehicle if they know someone is trying to inflict harm? Drive through the mob is you must, getting away from there and to safety would have to be the first and main objective.

I just did the search again and found this: and FL seems to have joined the other states:, there are several other stories as well now.


. The people living at the house are apparently Puerto Ricans. Police have not released any details on the mob that attacked their house.- From the link about the Florida mob attack

I just hate how that little bit of info is so often left out. It is as people are trying to cover. I bet I could guess correctly.
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