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Old 02-19-2014, 12:24   #1
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"Smart Gun" technology advocated

Looks like so-called "smart gun" technology is being advocated again. Not practical or affordable or effective, IMO, but this won't stop the anti-gun states from adopting it, I suspect.

An excerpt:

"Lawmakers around the country have been intrigued by the possibilities. New Jersey passed a hotly contested law in 2002 requiring that only smart guns be sold in the state within three years of a smart gun being sold anywhere in the country. A similar measure made it through the California Senate last year, and at the federal level, Rep. John F. Tierney (D-Mass.) also has introduced a mandate."

If a smart gun-enabling wristwatch is worn, does this mean that the gun owner is no longer carrying concealed but is effectively "brandishing" since anyone can see his wristwatch/key?

Would police also be required to only use smart guns, "for their safety"?

The cost of one of these smart guns seems to be about $1400 plus $400 for each wristwatch/key gadget. I suspect they would soon require that the watch/key have a GPS, a camera and a microphone and that it call 911 any time you use or manipulate the gun.

This is such a mess - many people find thumb safeties or unreliable built-in gun locks to be unacceptable for a self-defense firearm.

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They are trying anything that will stop or hinder anyone from protecting themselves. Standard Communist procedure.
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Old 02-19-2014, 15:09   #3
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Wouldn't a thief just steal the watch too? Or just remove the safety device, or just steal an older gun, or buy old commie guns from central American smugglers like the cartels do.
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Old 02-19-2014, 16:52   #4
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I can see this progressing further...

You have the RKBA - the courts agree that the Constitution guarantees that - but the courts' have also ruled that the government, in accordance with the government's interest in infringing upon that right, can put in place some "reasonable restrictions."

Sure, you can jump through their hoops, and apply for - and get - a permit to carry your "Smart Gun" on your hip, except in federal buildings, etc., but the transponder to activate that "Smart Gun" (on your hip) might be kept - by law - safe and sound, in secure storage, at the public gun range...

"For the children."
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Old 02-20-2014, 11:08   #5
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I wear my watch on my left hand, shoot right.....
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Old 02-27-2014, 17:36   #6
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Example of smart gun fail
The CEO of IBM offered the Obama administration a free software program that would have cut Medicare and Medicaid fraud by almost a trillion dollars, but he was turned down – twice.
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