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Old 02-21-2012, 13:18   #51
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The only "bad" gun I ever had was a Glock 17. This was back in 1991. No one could hit the side of a barn with that thing. I traded it back in on something else and avoided Glocks till 1999 when I decided to give them another shot. I got my 34 then and it is the best gun I have ever owned.
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General Firearms Forum

I don't think this Iver Johnson target sealed "8" ever had a cylinder full that didn't have a misfire.......

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Old 02-22-2012, 12:58   #53
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Originally Posted by DJ Niner View Post
I got caught-up in two consecutive S&W recalls in the 80s (model 469 9mm, and 586 .357).

Made myself a promise to not buy any new gun designs/redesigns or new calibers until they had been on the market for at least 5 years (basically, let other folks be the Beta testers). Working well so far, but I broke the promise this year for the first time in 2+ decades. Waiting for the shoe to drop...
Intrigued now....what did you get if you don't mind me asking?
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Originally Posted by Nib-XG26 View Post

So anyone have any stories? I would love to hear them!
Totally unexpected lemons:

HK USP 9MM: Not exactly a jammomatic, but enough extraction problems to royally piss me off for a $750 + handgun.

Stoeger Cougar: Terrible ejection problems no matter what I did or ammo I used. This kept me from PX4s for along time...
lots of Glocks, lots of Berettas, no Silverados.
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Old 02-22-2012, 18:02   #55
ca survivor
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Ruger LCP.
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Originally Posted by donovan655 View Post
Totally unexpected lemons:

HK USP 9MM: Not exactly a jammomatic, but enough extraction problems to royally piss me off for a $750 + handgun.
Just goes to show any gun can have problems, they are just machines and machines do fail on occasion. It just hurts more the more you pay!
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Originally Posted by ca survivor View Post
Ruger LCP.

Never good when a dedicated carry weapon fails
I had the same gun with some issues needless to say its now gone
G17 RTF2, G17L, G19, G20, G21c, G22, G26, G27, G30S, G32, G37, G42
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DJ Niner
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Originally Posted by NDGlock View Post
Intrigued now....what did you get if you don't mind me asking?
The model 469 9mm recall was for a problem with the safety lever and half-cock notch potentially leaving the hammer in an unsafe position after a partial manual cocking or partial DA trigger pull.

The model 586 .357 recall was the hammer-nose and/or hammer-nose bushing (surrounds the little hole where the hammer-nose (firing pin) passes through the frame and strikes the primer). If the bushing sunk below the level of the surrounding frame, primers could back-out slightly on firing, binding the cylinder (really tight).

The first and forth recalls shown on the page linked below:


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Old 02-23-2012, 07:46   #59
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NAA Guardian 380 - fail to go into battery, FTE, sold it, repplaced it with Sig P238, never looked back.

In 2003 I had a Kimber TLE II SS with an external extractor - 'nough said! I trade it for HK USP Tactical .45, that one experiance kind of destroyed my interest in Kimbers
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Old 02-23-2012, 07:57   #60
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Two pistols. Both S&W.

• S&W mdl 39-2. POS. Couldn't get it to feed a full magazine at all.
My Dad had a co-worker that wanted it badly.
Told him the issue. He didn't care.

• S&W mdl 5906. Early, early 3rd Gen. pistol. (Nice looking pistol!)
Slide mounted safety a female dog to operate!
Flakes of metal and what looked like stainless steel 'sand' or 'powder' coming off of the frame/slide.
No matter what lube or grease I used, it still galled.
Sent it back to S&W.
"No problem found."
Grip panel recall. S&W shipped arched and flat grip panels at my request.
Pistol still galling itself to pieces.
Sent back to S&W.
Came back, "No problem found."

Was later determined that the slide and gripframe were the same hardness stainless steel. (That's why the galling.)
Guy at my sportsman's club wanted it. Told him of the issue. He didn't care! Sold! Gone!!
G21 Gen2; G19 Gen3; G30SF; G23 Gen3; G26 Gen4. GLOCK Certified Armorer

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What comes to mind is:

-AMT Hardballer. Bought it in the late 70s. It never did run right.

-Early S&W M25 in .45 Colt. Would not stabilize any bullet I tried to put through it. Keyholed targets every time.

-PTR 91. Jam-o-matic. Never did get a full mag to run through it.

There may be more but these were the real stinkers.
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Old 02-23-2012, 20:20   #62
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Owned many handguns over the years. Only one I ever had problems with was a Kimber Pro Carry II I bought brand new. Right out of the box it would fail to go into battery every few rounds. I shoot a lot and knew it wasn't me. Finally convinced the gunsmith at the store I bought it at to try it. They have a nice automated range that I have a membership to. He had same problem. Found some sloppy craftsmanship inside and had to do some deburring. Problem solved but even after 500-600 rounds still had frequent FTF about every 20 shots or so. Others shooting it had same problem. Gave up and traded in on a New Glock 21sf and couldn't be happier. More accurate, 100 percent reliable, holds 13+1 round, easier to clean, shoots anything I feed it and I much prefer the lower bore axis. Already well over 1000 rounds through it with 0 hiccups... Just like my 19 and 26
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Old 02-10-2013, 13:08   #63
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Originally Posted by Nib-XG26 View Post
I bought a Stevens model 320 shotgun and its a POS, I shot 30 rounds through it it jammed about 25. It jammed on the eject cycle and inject cycle. Stevens/Savage will be getting it back. But it got me thinking how often does a lemon get bought? I have owned close to 100 guns in my life and been very fortunate this is my first real lemon (besides a .22lr on occasion).

So anyone have any stories? I would love to hear them!
I have the Stevens/Savage Model 320 with the combination pistol gip full stock set-up. So far it has been a decent firearm for the money expended. The only complaint I have would be it came with the brass bead at the tip for the sight, the ghost ring sight models were out of stock. I worked around that by using glow nail polish and white out on the top of the stock (the whole stirp where the plastic has ridges) then treated the brass bead. A quick hit with the flashlight and it looks like something from Battle Star Galactica.
I use this weapon for home-defense only. Have put regular 00 buck, slugs and also run magnum rounds, no issue (over 400 rounds).
Sorry to read your Model 320 was a lemon my friend.
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Old 02-10-2013, 13:18   #64
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colt 1991 a1. pure paperweight.

this thing was so wildly inaccurate, that NO ONE could hit with it. me, friends, random strangers at the range, no one. only thing we could could come up with was it was built on a fri afternoon, or mon morning.

i so mistrusted this toad, that i sold it rather than waste any more time or money on it.
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Old 02-10-2013, 13:49   #65
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I've owned a lot of guns over the last 50 years, shot a lot of guns, and have broken a lot of gun. But, the worst beyond a doubt is the Kel Tec PF9. Bought it 5 years ago and it started taking a dive at about 350 rds. Here's the list, 2 cracked slides, 2 broken assembly pins, broken slide stop and broken slide stop spring, 5 replaced magazine springs - twice. Failures to fire, feed, and eject too frequently to count. I am now on my third replacement gun. I have asked for my money back three times now and the company just keeps sending me guns. I don't know who has spent more on this, Kel Tec or me? BTW, if you shoot a lot, keep a list of the things that break. I started 30 years ago. It gets interesting over the years.
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Old 02-10-2013, 14:54   #66
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Originally Posted by Haldor View Post
That is totally grip related. Hold onto the grip firmly and it won't dump brass on top of your head. I found this out when I was trying to make my G26 jam from limp wristing (I was concerned about weak hand shooting reliability). No jams, but I was really glad I was wearing a hat.
Its interesting, you didnt shoot his gun, never even held it in your hand, werent there when he shot it, yet you know for a fact its a grip issue? I guess all the gen4s with that problem are grip issue too?
Originally Posted by Cambo View Post
A jammed shell casing lodged in the barrel. This thing would put jammed, misshapen shell casings anywhere inside the chamber/receiver, etc. When the shell casing didn't pop out, I told him to put the gun down immediately.
How exactly does that equate to "almost blew up?" You cant "almost blow up." You do or you dont. Thats like saying you "almost have cancer."
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Old 02-11-2013, 02:55   #67
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Surplus Sig P6. 50 rounds in, it fires out of battery, almost loses the back of a case, and makes me thankful I always wear shooting glasses.

Sig treated it as if under warranty though, and replaced the breech block. Works flawless after that, so I guess it doesn't really count as a lemon.
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Old 02-11-2013, 19:25   #68
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I bought a Taurus PT140 and what a pile of poop it was. The second time I used it to compete it promptly blew it's firing pin cover off and the FP spring was just hanging out.
It cost me $25 to send it back to them and it took me a month to get it back.
I sent a note requesting why it did what it did and all I got back was letter stating "clean it and use factory ammo", which I was using Winchester white box when it blew. I sold it and bought my first Glock, there was no way I would trust my life with it.
I sold it to a brother who said it did id again a few years later.
I will never buy another Turaus auto pistol, them and their service is crap.
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I bought a gen 2 G19 around 1997. I was going to run 200 rounds through it before I carried it as a duty gun. It wouldn't feed a full magazine without jamming on 50% of them. I took a little bit of a loss and traded it for a Beretta. Didn't they have some sort of recall on those for magazine issues? Never had a gun that was as bad as that one.
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Update I was the op. I have my second pos the new Zip .22lr it will not run more then 3 rounds without jamming. With 25 round Ruger mags it jams 100% of the time I have never actully despised a firearm until now. I was actually bleeding from cycling the gun so many times to clear jams. Im sending it back to USFA hopefully they can fix it. If not I will have a cool paper weight.
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The list........

1. Smith 5906. Most inaccurate firearm I have EVER shot. No clue what was wrong.

2. Ruger LCP. Cracked the frame. Guess I shot it too much.

3. That stupid PF9. 27rds and the firing pin fell out. How special.

Thats my list of crapness. I was so upset about that 5906 cause it was such a pretty gun and I couldnt hit a 74 buick deuce and a quarter at 30 feet with I sold it to my cousin. He cant shoot anyways so he wont know the difference
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Taurus 709 slim. The mag won't stay in. All it takes is a bump against the gun and of it comes.

Colt 6920. Machine marks inside and outside of it. Chamber was a mess also it was a single shot for the 1st 500 rounds or so. Fire a round. Put a rod in the barrel to knock the case out then load another round and repeat. Colt told me then that there was nothing wrong with it and it was normal.

WiskyT :whistling:
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J.R. Bob Dobbs
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Kimber eclipse x2
Taurus 44mag
They're coming to take me away, HA HA!

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Originally Posted by Haldor View Post
At least is saved you a gym membership.

I bought an AMT backup 380 for my wife about 20 years ago. Never got as far as the trigger pull, she couldn't pull the slide back. Small blowback pistols are not fun guns to shoot especially for anyone who doesn't have significant grip strength.
Just sold an AMT Backup .380 this weekend for a profit of 3 dollars over what I originally paid for it two months ago.

It took a LOT of polishing to get the slide chatter to stop, but then ran like a dream as long as you a) use only round nose FMJ and b) keep your ring finger off the magazine butt. It would nosedive the next round every time if you touched the butt.

I really got to like it, and probably put 400 rounds through it at the range. It does have a bit of a kick to it compared to my Colt Government Model Mark IV, and the wife couldn't shoot it at all.

The Colt just does everything better, and the wife can handle it just fine. I got another Ruger 89 rather than another .380, ammo is just getting too expensive and hard to find to justify another in that caliber.
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S&W original 39.

Had the usual beautiful S&W fit and finish.

Ran reliably.

Threw a pattern like a shotgun (even from a rest)

Lost badly in a shoot-off against a 'chief's' snubby.

Was gone the next week ....

Friend told me they at first tried to save money by rifling the barrels with revolver tooling and it resulted in bad barrels. Was corrected in subsequent guns, but that one was a beautiful lemon !

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