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Old 03-15-2012, 04:09   #1
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so-lube and cleaner

got some mpro7 lube and hoppes solvent fer cleanin,any thoughts or better suggestions for either? and aint so sure about oilin the rear of frame,looked at dif vids and manual but still kinda vague on that. some folks need better cameras on utube dang,get a nikon~hope I can shoot this 20 as good as I shoot film,hah!
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Old 03-15-2012, 12:14   #2
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Hobbes gets great reviews. Never personally used them. But they are glocks, you could clean them with simple green and oil them with motor oil (and some do).

Yes you should oil the trigger bar. If the slide is off the gun. Look at where the trigger moves. Move it foward then back. Its that bar that is on the very back, on the side of the top metal part of the part you see if a youtube video. If that made sense.

I personally use frog lube and love it.
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Old 03-15-2012, 17:01   #3
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I use ballistol. If the fouling is really bad Ill soak the barrel in a nitro solvent. Right now Im using outer's.
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I use a small amount of Hoppes #9 on a patch wrapped around a bore brush, stroke the bore a few times to wet the inside. The debris and carbon collects on the patch.

Clean out with a fresh patch wrapped to dry out. Then with another clean patch, I place two or three drops of Rem-Oil to lube the bore, then take that patch and wipe the outer metal surfaces of the barrel, recoil rod and spring. They wipe to remove any excess which helps dirt and dust from accumilating. Tiny bit of oil on the metal rails, that's it unless I do a striker channel cleaning,that gets a Q-Tip dusting and some air pressure at times.
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See what works for you. Friend had Miltec for his .45. Works great metal on metal. Metal on plastic, not so much, when I tried it on my G23. Rem Oil didn't work for me either (label claims same original formula, but has teflon in it which was more recently invented. I'm confused). Currently using Hoppes solvent and oil. Working well for me. Can't wait to use them up so I can try something else (I think Mobil 1 is next). Hope this helps. Not sure how, but hope it helps.
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