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Okay, Don't laugh, scope question

I just picked up a center point 4-16-40 at wally world, it has lockable/reset-able turrets came with rings, it will do what i want it to, Now I'm not new to scopes, and have had scopes like this before but not taken advantage of the mil-dot recticle or numbered turrets, just used some good ol kentucky windage.. I've learned a good bit about calulating dots , but one thing i can't find and again this is probaly a dumb question, but what are the numbers on the turrets??? they go from 0 to 14 like on most scopes, what I was assuming is that each number is a MOA which would pretty much make each number a one inch adjustment at 100 yards???
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Depends on what you scope is calibrated to MOA/MOA or Mil/Mil or something else. MOA is the most common. So 1 moa would be 1" at 100Y. 2" at 200Y etc. Each click on your scope probably represents a 1/4 moa and 4 clicks would be 1 moa.

If you zero at 200Y then at that distance each moa is 2".

Remember once you are zeroed. Loosen the turrent set it it to Zero. Then after you adjust for a shot, turning the turrent back to 0 gets you back on your original point of aim zero.

Hope I answered the question you were looking for.
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The numbers are just reference numbers, the scope should say if the clicks are 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2MOA. The Idea is you zero the scope at say 100yds. then loosen the set screw, align the 0 with the mark on the scope and tighten the set screw.

Now sight in at 200yds and see what number the turret is on at this distance, wright it down somewhere. then go to 300 and so on.

The Idea is to know that 0 is 100yds and all the numbers that correspond to different distances.

Most scopes with target turrets also have horizontal hash marks on the turrets that correspond to one complete turn. For example if 100yds=0 on the first hash mark, 400yds might equal 0 on the 4th hash mark. etc.

Hopefully this makes sense to you.
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