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Bad SS guide rod and spring or no?

So I am experiencing a unique situation with my Glock 23. While practicing this last weekend for a upcoming competition, I kept experiencing what I guess you would call is a failure to feed. After every shot the slide would fail to engage all the way back and I would have to push it forward with my thumb. Now before I list the troubleshooting I have done, keep in mind this is a setup I've had for over a year and have competed and shot really well with. It is a g23 with stainless steel guide rod and spring with a LW 5in ported barrel.

First off, I thought it was the ammo seeing as I was using the cheapest wal-mart tulammo for practice. I tried winchester and federal with the same results. So ammo isn't the problem.

Secondly, I swapped out my ss guide rod for the factory. With the factory in, it performed flawlessly. However, when swapping out the ss, I noticed that the very end of it was coming unthreaded. There is spot for an allen head to tighten, but I could only get it to tighten so much and it would unthread easily. A buddy of mine that was with has the same ss guide rod and the end of his has never come unthreaded. Is this normal?

And third, this is where it gets a little more interesting. After checking the ammo and guide rod itself, we wanted to try different shooters and grips. So with the ss guide rod back in the gun I had my friend shoot it and it worked correctly for a whole magazine. As soon as I take over, the gun will not cycle. Even stranger is I can shoot with one hand and the gun will cycle flawlessly but as soon as I switch to my regular two handed grip the gun will not cycle. Again, I am not new to glocks or shooting in general and have had this gun and guide rod for over a year. So to me it boils down to either the guide rod or a minute change in my two handed grip. Any other thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome. I can post pics of the guide rod and where it is unthreading later when I get home if need be. As of right now with the competition only a few days away I will be swapping out the ss for the factory guide rod and compete with that. Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts.
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Put a dab of fingernail polish or Blue locTite on the screw thread tip and reinstall it. BTW: The shoulder of the screw should rest on the GR.
I would venture to say you are squeezing the grip more than you used to. Something has changed in your grip.
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