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The importance of training

Interesting scenario created by the news...

What do you see the students could have done differently to be more effective?

I think move and take cover
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They reacted and tried to do something, and that's good enough for me. I get sick of hearing how students hid under desks and then the gunman comes along and kills them as they huddle together. Fight or run. I don't care which, but don't sit down and wait to be killed.
Since everyone was dressed the same, I'm assuming that the clothing was provided and unfamiliar to the students. That may explain why they had so much trouble getting the gun out of the holster. For sure this video proves that skill at arms is not enough. A person has to train for these type of things and that means more than simply shooting bullseye targets at the range.
Although there were many 'negatives' brought up, there were positives too.
Seek cover - yes. Be familiar with your equipment, which the students clearly weren't, and never stop fighting.
Interesting video. Thanks for posting......jkm
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Mr. Blandings
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Originally Posted by Scott41984 View Post
What do you see the students could have done differently to be more effective?
Train the way you fight. The training that the students were given was conducted using holsters carried openly. I saw no video throught the story indicating that the students were trained how to draw from concealment. Also, they did not train wearing gloves/protective facemasks.

Although the story did make one strong point, the training provided exceeded the requirements of more than half the states that issue CCW. Don't get me wrong. I am NOT a supporter of stronger mandatory training requirements, but I do feel that each person bears a personal responsibility to obtain professional, competent and effective training.

Overall, it was an ABC News hackjob created with a specific outcome in mind from the start.
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