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Old 07-28-2011, 08:51   #1
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Entry level Resume

Good morning everyone My best friend just in May got all of his certifications from passing through the Academy. He has asked me to write his resume for him so he can look for a full time position around the country. I have a few questions for the more experienced of you out here and would really appreciate the help. One regarding past work experience do you list a comprehensive list of all work experience or just relevant LEO experience only?
He worked as a class B officer for a year before he finished Academy so there is some LEO work history. Also should the resume contain just a list of his certs or actual copies of them? Should his martial arts training be listed as relevant experience? Does anyone know of a good template I could you? Thank you so much in advance from the both of us.
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I would only list related work experience, althought if he has none (or one position) that will make for a thin resume.

I'd only list certifications that are significant. Example: list the state certification as a police officer. i would not list stuff like OC spray, baton, firearms qual, etc.; though again that makes for a thin resume. I would not include copies.

Martial arts experience, if properly worded and inserted in the correct area, could be beneficial.

He understands very few places will accept only a resume, right? In LE, it is basically an addendum to the application.
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I have two resumes: one that is a general resume with recent employment history (relatively, since I've been with the same outfit for eight years), education, and a very limited summary of my LE and computer skills and another that is more of a CV that includes ONLY LE stuff, and obviously more detail.
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Old 07-28-2011, 11:14   #4
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So basically the application for a department is the big deal not so much the resume? I know he's looking for jobs through a website that lists depts looking for officers all across the country. He asked me to do make his resume since my a quarter of my job is reviewing resumes and interviewing people for employment and I made his last one. His relevant LEO resume material only spans back to May 2010 so it will be end up being a one page document anyways even with his goals, objective and experience.
Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head.....
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I can speak of Federal employment requirements. I spent several years working for the VHA as a Human Resources Specialist prior to transferring to the IGs Investigative Department. Part of my duties was reviewing and qualifying applicants for Federal LE positions. The last thing I wanted to see was a "book". Resumes should be kept as brief as possible. Two or three pages is sufficient and preferred. Copies of certifications and awards are not necessary. A resume should be able to hold the attention of the reviewer, do not boor them with irrelevant information. If applying for a position only information relevant to that position should be listed. As stated, it is the “application forms” that are important. All Federal agencies are going totally electronic in their hiring process and are in the process of phasing out excepting paper resumes or applications. Read the published open position announcement carefully and fully comply with all the requirements to be even minimally considered qualified for the position. Good Luck to your friend. He should be prepared to submit to many agencies before it gets hired. It is a competitive field and well worth the effort. A listing of all Federal positions can be found at:
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