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Old 02-28-2011, 10:26   #1
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Spring Consensus on a G29SF

I have owned a Glock 20 and a 20SF and always replaced the stock 17 pounder with the Wolff stainless guide rod and 24lb uncaptured spring. I just ordered a G29SF and will be picking it up Saturday.
What is the consensus on the G29SF? 23lb spring seems to be the most common from what I have read over the years.
Should I be looking at any of the other options? I don't know much about ISMI or Sprinco. The small frame Glocks come with dual spring setups, correct? Are the aftermarket setups like this too? Is the 23LB spring the best option?
Also, I am a handloader and will be ordering a KKM barrel in the next few days since the sloppy chamber on the Glock barrel shortens the useful life of brass, and I only like smiles on people's faces, not my brass (from lots of experience). I figured I would throw in this info since it might affect your recommendations for me.
So many questions.
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Old 02-28-2011, 18:48   #2
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I answered via pm, but will share for the rest of everyone's benefit here:

My testing has led me to believe that:

1. The Glock stock spring is "tuned" for the system,and thus velocity is higher using this (17 lbs.?) spring vs. the 21 and 23# springs - seems fairly consistent on comparison tests I've run.

2. The stock spring had some issues loading or extracting (can't remember which) some higher power loads (this was 200gr. and 1170+ fps out of the 4.45" bbl.), so I replaced it with a 21# and then later, as power increased had problems with the 21# spring, so replaced it with a 23#. Thus far, I have not had any issues with the 23# spring and SS Wolff guide rod assembly.

3. The 23# performed admirably with the .40 s&w conversion barrel I had in it when I shot 50 rounds of Winchester white box bulk ammo I purchased at walmart. If I recall correctly, these were 165 grain bullets traveling at around 1050-1100 fps, so pretty weak loads - yet still cycled with the 23# spring set.

I like the 23# spring set and the Wolff ss guide rods. I won't get rid of them until I supersize the .40 s&w...and that's just a dream at this point.
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Old 02-28-2011, 20:56   #3
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I am using the Wolff non-captured guide with their 21 lb springs in my Glock 29, it has handled all of my handloads in 10mm, 40S&W with Storm Lake conversion and 9x25 Dillon with the LWD conversion.

I do have the 23 lb springs but I don't find it necessary, besides it makes racking the slide more difficult in stressful drills...just so you understand this trade off.
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Old 03-01-2011, 02:26   #4
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wolff spring

I have the wolff uncapured guide rod and the spring pack that has 17-23 lb springs.

The 23 lb spring definitely adds some to the weight to rack the slide, but my 29 shoots best (feels the best when I shoot it), with the 23 lb. I think its worth just buying the heaviest guide-rod and spring combo for your needs. Id shoot 21 pound spring for stock loads (155-180 grain) and 23 pound for reloads or (180 and up or hotter loads).

I haven't had any feed issues using 23 pound spring shooting umc 180 grain fmj or hornady xtp 180 and 200 jhp. Havent shot any 155 grain yet.

Ive kept the 23 pound spring in because I'm new to reloading and want to keep my set up consistant as far as feel of the gun.

My brass eject about half as far as the stock spring did. still have trouble finding them. I think 10mm brass dissolve on ground contact.

Hope this helps

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Old 03-01-2011, 08:06   #5
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Mike McNett at Doubletap recommends the Wolff 21# spring so that's what I bought. Seems to shoot everything from 40 S & W with my conversion barrel up to the hottest Swamp Fox, Double Tap and Buffalo Bore 180g JHP. I'm sticking with this setup.
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