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Originally Posted by tortoise View Post
Good choice. I would have said go with the G26, just for ammo availability in the zombie apocalypse, but hey, I'm nuts.

The SP101 is a fantastic gun. Really, outstanding. It's the revolver I qualified with on the off-duty course in 1993.

Love it.


Things have gotten ugly in the world. I like my 642 (I liked my 640 even more!) better than my G26. Hands down. It looks better. It feels better. It carries better. It conceals better. IMHO .38 spl. +P FBI loads are equally effective as the modern 147g 9mm we carry.

This is a good read.

Gunboat1 speaks much truth in that thread. I wish he didn't, but he does. If a nut walks into the mall, or your kid's school, or a movie theater, or the train station with a rifle, five rounds won't seem like very much. -Or even "enough".

Hiding behind the coffee maker at the stop n' rob, with an empty five shot, and two still functioning bad guys (or even: one dead and one wounded but still shooting...) is not where you want to be.

That's where I am today.

I like my 642 more, but I've been in enough situations to know that when the next one comes I'd prefer eleven rounds ready to go to five. So that's what I carry 99% of the time. It's not a fetish item, it's a weapon.

Good choice!
Another reason the Glock got the nod for me, the capacity. I agree 100%, along with the times changing so has crime and the criminals. I don't think it's paranoid at all, the cops are riding in two's because the criminals aren't working alone, not the other way around.

As for ammo availability, most of the departments around me shoot 40SW and thats what it available most, as apparent during the ammo crunch, however I reload my own ammo, and already own another 40SW pistol, as well as 9mm, so with a barrel swap and mags I can shoot 9mm out of the 40 (although I probably won't as I can water down my 40 loads for the misses), and as for SD ammo, both calibers cost the same, but I also periodically get some good free 40 ammo from a friend
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G26 in this case
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I've fired Ruger Sp101's and Glock 9mm's (g26 included) considerably and carried both daily. (Well, G27)

Get the G26. It's as easy to carry and a far better fighting gun.
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Old 03-05-2011, 07:45   #29
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Just wanted to bring this thread back to the top, to say that...

I just re-read my old posts, concerning my G27, and how I love it, but would never get rid of it...

I just got rid of it ...

I now am carrying a DAO Ruger snub.

My last few range sessions with my G27 just didn't feel right...
I had to re-position my hand after every few shots, due to the sharp flip of the muzzle (must be getting weak...been shooting this pistol for nearly two years, and don't remember it being this difficult) and couldn't carry IWB with "sandpaper" aftermarket grips..

I had experienced failure to feed when shooting from (self-induced) awkward shooting postions (simulating potential scenarios that may occur during a struggle), and when point-shooting... the darn thing never seemed to line up naturally with my line of sight.

I now am limited to only 5 shots, but those shots feel more natural, are just as accurate as the longer barreled G27, and most importantly, the SP just lines up naturally when point-shooting.

It conceals easier for me (IWB), due to it's rounded shape and grip angle.
It will fire (if maintained correctly) from any firing position (weak grip, upside-down, pressed against an attacker's body), and can handle full-house .357 magnums with ease.

The muzzle blast and sharp report are a drawback when compared to the G27, but I will live with that, should I ever need to fire without ear plugs.

Thanks for reading, I know the original poster already got a G27, but in re-reading, I found it interesting that my carry weapon has now changed.

I will still keep my avatar and user name... cuz I don't want to change it all out!!

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Get both.

That Ruger SP101 is a great snubbie.
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I haven't read all the posts but; I used to carry my G-26 on the left side, for my weak hand but found I didn't like the way it felt in that hand, so now it rides in an Uncle Mikes pocket hoster for access to my right hand, an immediate back-up to my G-19. That being said, I'm looking to test fire a 3" SP101 (using .38 +P) at a rental range cause I'm looking for an at least semi-dedicated left hand gun (I'm right handed). I did see a used 3" Ruger Speed Six in a local gun shop for $495. I've shot a number of personally owned and 'borrowed' guns to include my G-19, 26, a 1911 style .45, a 1962 vintage Colt Detective Special, Charter Arms Undercover .38 and my company issued S&W M64-7. Of all these guns I found I'm able to control the 4" .38 the best left hand only. This is why I'm lookin forward to trying the 3" SP101. After that, it'll be a matter of five shots or six.
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