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Old 10-23-2014, 04:36   #1
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Conservative Black Leaders For NRA/Against Gun Control

Interesting insight on why NRA was formed and the effect of gun control. It's only 3 minutes long.
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The problem is that people on the other side don't care aoubt history or facts, so this will go right over their heads.
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"The nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." Thucydides, Greek Historian

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Maybe someone can post this link in some other forums which are anti-gun.
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Old 10-23-2014, 10:53   #5
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The southern states have/had the strictest laws on knives precisely because of discrimination against African Americans.
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Old 10-23-2014, 12:25   #6
you savvy?
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clearly any black person publically against gun control will be pegged by democrats as not black enough.
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Facts are no match against enthusiasm and ignorance...
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Some see the benefit to blacks from the Florida Stand Your Ground Laws and want to take away their rights to self protection. The same right that all Americans are supposed to have.

"Black Floridians have made about a third of the state’s total “Stand Your Ground” claims in homicide cases, a rate nearly double the black percentage of Florida’s population. The majority of those claims have been successful, a success rate that exceeds that for Florida whites."
“……..At Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, the longbow in the hands of British commoners decimated the French armored knights………..Edward IV continued this policy, commanding that "every Englishman or Irishman dwelling in England must have a bow of his own height", and commanding that each town build and maintain an archery range upon which every citizen must practice on feast days. In 1470 he banned games of dice, horseshoes, and tennis in order to force citizens to use nothing but the bow for sport.He imposed price controls on bows in order to ensure that bows would be inexpensive enough for even the poorest citizen to purchase them.”

t"....the right to keep and bear arms can claim an ancestry stretching for well over a millennium. The antiquity of the right is so great that it is all but impossible to document its actual beginning. It is fairly clear that its origin lay in the customs of Germanic tribes, under which arms bearing was a right and a duty of free men; in fact, the ceremony for giving freedom to a slave required that the former slave be presented with “…..the armament of a free man.”

"Peace is that brief, glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading". Anonymous

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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
clearly any black person publically against gun control will be pegged by democrats as not black enough.
This is the 2nd time today that I've seen the statement "he is not black enough". I think I understand what they are trying to say, but it sounds to me like the racism has taken a turn and is coming from the other direction. Am I wrong on this?
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