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Old 07-05-2012, 12:57   #1
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Scored a G24 Upper for $200

I went into one of my local shops that I don't go into too often, but they usually have decent prices on powder and I just happened to need some. Saw a complete 24 upper including the barrel listed for $275. I asked to look at it and it got the wheels rolling. I asked the owner of the store if he was willing to part with the upper without the barrel for less than the $275. He said he was willing to drop the price to $200 for the whole upper including the barrel. I already have a Gen 2 3 pin G22. Now I just need to decide if I am going to go with a Lonewolf 6" .357 sig barrel, or an aftermarket 6" .40 as I reload my own. I figure I'll probably just end up getting both in the long run anyways. Regardless, I think I have a nice little range toy now.

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Old 07-05-2012, 23:35   #2
MSgt Dotson
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Darn nice price, you made out well on that one!

Nice score!
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Old 07-06-2012, 00:46   #3
DJ Niner
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Old 07-08-2012, 02:48   #4
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I have a G24 and LOVE it! Even better is when I put my LWD 357 sig barrel in it and let'r rip!

FWIW, my LWD barrel is 100% COMPLETELY reliable through more than 1000 357 sig rounds. Not one hiccup!

I actually can't say the same for my stock G24 .40 s&w barrel, even if the only hang up was a limpwristed shot
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