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Just sold my Gen 1 G17

I created an account here to let you all know that until I stumbled across this forum I assumed that my old G17 was of little value because of its age. Your collective efforts here kept mine from being "updated".
SN: FFxxx, so mid 89 import, I think.

I also noticed folks talking about an update in the early 90s.
I bought the G17 in 1997 from a guy in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. I was stationed at Charleston AFB at the time, and MP was a little town by the beach. He said it was a former sidearm of the MP Dept of Corrections, and it had "MPDC" engraved in the side of the upper. The seller said that it had been back to the factory and was completely reworked, but it must not have been because it still had the black trigger hardware inside. It is pretty beat up, but still shoots awesome. The tupperware cleaning rod and brush are newer, not original, as is the magazine and loader.

I had already filled out the form and talked to the armorer at Glock about sending it in to be updated... then I found you all and learned that folks collect gen1 G17s.
However, I was still thinking that I would send it back to the factory for update, have the slide refinished, night sights installed, and likely it would return with a new frame as well. So, basically a new gun.

I am not a collector, but I guess I've watched enough American Pickers that I started to feel bad that the gen 1 parts would be destroyed. So, I put an ad on Armslist offering to trade my Gen 1 for a Gen 4. I would have been happy to get a used Gen 4, but a guy gave me the cash to buy a new one ($525, which is about what it will cost after tax at the local shop). I saved the $ I would have spent shipping it back to glock and having the slide refinished... about $100, so effectively, this was worth $625 to me.

He sounded like he plans to keep it. I hope he does for a bit, then passes it on and makes some $ on it.

I'm happy, the buyer is happy (said he been looking for several years, but never even seen a gen 1 before), the shop I'm buying the new one from is happy.

I would have been happy with the refinished G17, but am even happier knowing that I kept one from being destroyed AND will have a brand new G17 next week (already ordered it).

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Fantastic. Both of you got what you wanted.
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