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Old 05-02-2010, 17:22   #1
.45 guy
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Back cut ?

A while back I remember hearing about a "back cut" i think it was, with a bowie. Anyone have any info about this?
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Old 05-07-2010, 09:44   #2
Ernest Emerson
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Re: Back cut ?

Dear .45guy,

The "back cut" that you are referring to is a cut with the top, back side of the blade as it is being withdrawn from a forward slash or stab. Of course it requires a double edged or half double edged blade. Personally, it is my opinion that it sounds good, a little exotic maybe, and comes down from sword fighting history. In an actual fight arm in arm, chest to chest any cut or stab in any direction is just what you get or hopefully give. When things like, individual techniques become singular or compartmentalized it is the result of "academic" discussions and not actual combat. A prison knife killing is over in 1 or 2 seconds and consists of 10 - 15 quick jabs with a sharp device hoping to strike an artery or vital organ. Thats the reality side. Back cuts, strange grips, complicated techniques, passing, disarms etc are for knife fighting experts who spend their time teaching and not training. Of course this is just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

My Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
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Old 05-09-2010, 20:32   #3
.45 guy
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: Ohio
Posts: 696
Thank you for the answer. I forgot to tag my own thread is why I didn't get right back. I had read somewhere about it. Seems like it was one of the Jim Bowie stories. Thanks again.
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