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Old 11-19-2009, 14:16   #1
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Got my EMT-B for work

I'm a firearms instructor for a federal agency and the boss wanted us all to get our EMT cert, so I volunteered to take the class. Shock of shocks, I actually passed so now I'm the range medic for our FTU.

The funny thing is, I was issued a generic Galls EMT bag that is pretty basic. I need a gunshot/burn/trauma type kit. I have a good idea about what items I will need/want but do any of you more experienced medics have any reccomendations on what should be in it?

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Old 11-19-2009, 15:08   #2
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Some basic supplies, some of which im sure you've thought of:

Vital Signs:
BP Multicuff (get a sphygo on the hand pump if you can), penlight, trauma shears, stethoscope, glucose kit (if your authorized to do blood sugar checks).

Oxygen Kit:
O2 cylinder with a regulator, BVM, Masks, Cannulas, perhaps a CO2 device if you got the budget for it.

Basic Trauma:
4x4's (the non-sterile kind are usually ok for trauma, so long as they're kept clean)
5x9 or 8x10 trauma pads
Corban or similar
Tape (2" and 4" if you can find it)
Triangle wraps
saran wrap or ACS chest seal
large trauma or burn pads
Gauze (2" and 4")
sterile water with a nozzle
eye cups (or dixie cups which work just as well)
splints, either cardboard or the adjustable ones. Vacusplints are great but they need thier own bag
a blanket (if you could be treating people outside)

and about 400 other miscellaneous items you'll wish you had but probably don't; and that i cant think of but that will get you started.

You might also think of (and if budget allows) for a portable Defib/Monitor device. If your planning on ACLS or similar training then you'll want one, but learn how to use it.
If your not interested or dont plan on training on heart rhythms then a simple civilian type AED is fine.

Also, get someone who is there with you trained in CPR.
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Old 11-20-2009, 13:32   #3
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If your response is the range, then prepare for and equip for what might happen at the range. So at a range, the worst-case scenario os a GSW (well, that or a code). For a pretty good list of GSW-related trauma supplies, look at North American Rescue Products website. A tourniquet or two, some Israeli bandages, some hemodynamic stuff (HemCon, QuikClot, whatever). Add these to your Galls-stocked bag. The likeliest boo-boos are basic boo-boos and environmental stuff, so equip for those things. Don't go crazy with supplies; you won't use most of them. If you work for the feds, they should be able to purchase a 'tactical'-style kit that is already under contract where most of these things come pre-stocked. Or buy these things and supplement your kit. Most manufacturers/distributors have a LEO/mil/gov discount.
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Old 11-21-2009, 00:56   #4
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Chuckman has the right idea. You can fill your trunk with EMT-B stuff if you want but I'm guessing you already have a trunk full of cop/rangemaster stuff. You need items to get you through the first few minutes of a trauma, particularly a GSW. Supplies to deal with small fractures/sprains if it's a tactical range. Eye wash. Most of what you need is likely in that Galls bag. Nothing wrong with adding a few favorites, but I wouldn't go crazy.

As another post stated, an AED is always a good idea. They aren't expensive and they are easy to use.
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