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When I owned a service station in the 90's and saw all the weirdo's come in from the highway.

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9 years in the Marines, two combat deployments and most of all the birth of my son.
USMC/OIF Veteran
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Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

I was shopping for a gift for a child when a b-guy (he was) comes around the corner of the aisle and states "Hey...don't I know you? I do. You work at ********". Then his cousin baby-Huey comes around the corner and says the same thing.

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Couple of reasons for me. One is I've grown up around guns and love thim. The second is for personal protection for me and my wife both home and away from home. Better to be ready for the unthinkable than not ready
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I remember being a kid, walking out of a board of trustees meeting with pops and having a man approach us, get close enough to grab dad, only to hear the snap on pops walther holster pop and a stern warning to get lost.

He said something like "I... I just wanted bus money man."

Late at night in a dark parking lot and he gets close enough to put his hands on someone to ask for bus money. Yeah right.
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Originally Posted by MooMooBoo View Post
You know, ive been thinking about CCW. I just wanted it for dogs while I run out here, unfortunately I got my CCW, and a holster for the gun I want, but the gun I want is backordered so it's not doing me any good.

Ive started randomly CC, I guess I don't see so much of the hype behind it? I live in a pretty safe place which may be why I don't see much of the reason to CC. Do many of you guys CC because you live in bad neighborhoods? Or are you trying to be prepared for the just in case?
Do you wear a seatbelt or have a fire extinguisher? Some things are "just in case." Carrying a gun is one of those things.
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a
little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
_____- Ben Franklin |
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I was shot by an over zealous rookie cop in '89, robber at gunpoint in '92 and '97. I lived in a neighborhood where, two doors down, the police actually dated the bullet holes in the house to identify the new ones. They just used a permanent marker. I thought, because of some indiscretions in the '70s when I was a young man, I would not be able to acquire a CCW.

Moving from that neighborhood to an apartment in a large metro area I really began to pay attention. Over the last six years, as things got worse, I looked into carry laws in Colorado, applied for a permit and now, legally, carry my G23 whenever I leave the apt. Even to do the laundry. Certain neighbors know to call me if they have a problem, only after calling 911.

I know and follow all the laws of the state of Colorado and keep up with local municipal ordinances. I carry wherever legal and ignore and attempts to skirt my right to keep and bear arms.

I have made a conscious decision to carry, train, and be ready to protect myself, my family, and any close to me from what I can only describe as the fall from grace of this country.

God Bless America

No Powder

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