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Glock 39 the 45 caliber alternative to a Glock 26 or 27

I recently got this "new to me" Glock 39; I was thrilled at first sight because it was like new and made before 2008.

The Glock 39 is chambered for 45 GAP. It has a 6 round magazine and same frame as the Glock 26/27; but, the slide is slightly thicker.
Night sights are preferred, so I installed a set of Meprolight nite sights with green front/yellow rear.
Bullet impact and my point of aim were a perfect match at about 6 yards, with either 185 gr. or 230 gr. ammunition.
I shot four different bullets through the chronograph, average for 5 shots in ascending KE: (Glock 39 has a 3 1/2"" barrel)
Winchester 230 JHP @ 779 fps / 310# KE
Winchester 185 Silvertip @ 875 fps / 315# KE
Winchester 230 Ranger T @ 797 fps / 324# KE
Speer Gold Dot 185 @ 994 fps / 406# KE

Recoil seemed mild and all brass was ejected from 3 - 5 o'clock, none toward my head.
All primer impacts were positive and there were no malfunctions.

How does that velocity compare to 45 acp out of a short barrel?
I previously owned a Kimber Ultra Carry (3'' barrel) which averaged 775 fps with Hydra-Shok 230 gr. and 814 fps with Ranger T 230
My Glock 36 (3 3/4" barrel) averaged 805 fps with 230 gr. Hydra-Shok and 918 fps with Remington 185 JHP
Based on my results, performance of the 45 GAP is equivalent to 45 acp fired from similar length barrel.

I shot the Gold Dot 185 into water filled gallon jugs, it made a hole in the 4th jug, but did not enter; maximum recovered diameter was consistent at .68

I like the Glock 39. It shoots a 45 caliber bullet out of a 9mm/40 size pistol with moderate recoil.

Glock 39 is the 45 caliber alternative to a Glock 26 or 27.

Please do not post either of these mindless replies to my thread:
"A solution looking for a problem"
"An answer to a question nobody asked"
If a senseless cliche is all you have to say, mercifully hit the back arrow.
No internal lock or magazine disconnect on my pistols!
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