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Disappointment: G20sf

Big disappointment at the range today.
A little history: The last time out, I shot my new, stock G20sf. I had some PPU ammo because it was the cheapest and I thought I'd just get the feel of the gun a little. I had one light misfire out of 50 rounds which was disappointing. It looked like a light strike. I chambered it again and it shot fine. I also had one round not fully chamber and had to nudge the slide forward. Possibly the same issue?
When home I checked to see if when holding the trigger and riding the slide forward it would hang the slide up a bit. It did, but only once. I have not been able to get it to do it again.
I ordered some PBR 200gr XTP hoping some good, hot ammo would make it this gun sing a bit better. Boy I was wrong. Constant FTF. Two handed, locked up as best I could, one handed, off a rest, all still got missfeeds. I got one nosing to the left of the chamber, but most were just about half chambered. I could slightly pull the slide back and it would then slide forward and chamber it.
I examined the firing pin channel after the first trip and everything looked good. I suppose it's possible I'm limp wristing, but I've never had that problem before, but this is my first 10mm.
The PBR ejected reealllly far and the PPU was just a few feet away. No ejection issues at all.
I have a literally flawless G17, so this is a huge disappointment. I can't trust the gun whether it's me or not. I'll try to get someone else to shoot it, but either way I'm not sure I could trust it. I've shot lots of hot .45 Colt and .357, (my p3at is one of the harsher recoilers) and I'm not recoil shy.
So, I'm tempted already just to trade it off and leave my revolvers as my hiking guns.
My g17 sure felt like a pea shooter after the 200 grain 10s, and it was of course flawless.
So, a couple issues when shooting the PPU and then several issues wile shooting the PBR. Ideas, advice?
Much appreciated.
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10mm, g20sf
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