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Any Residents of BOSTON that were there During the MANHUNT??

Hey all,

I've got a question that's been on my mind for a bit and thought I'd ask it. It may have been posted and talked about before and I missed it, if it has, sorry for bringing it up again.

Anyway, is there anyone here that lives or lived IN Boston at the time of the bombing and subsequent manhunt?

We all saw how the city was placed in a state of de facto Martial Law. The Police Chief and Mayor (I suppose) were on TV and media telling EVERYONE to STAY HOME, not to come out during the "hunt." Do I have that correct? People were told by the authorities to stay in their houses and not to do anything at all outside, even in their yards or garages?

We all saw the heavily armed police forces, who knows what agencies they were from and if they were FEDS, State or Local, going house to house conducting searches. It appeared the homeowner or tenants were given little choice in the matter of consenting to these searches. I've seen and read several articles where police went to a house, gained entry and were seen leading the occupants out in handcuffs for whatever reason.

We all know the seriousness of the situation that was going on. A first rate piece of trash that helped his scumbag brother maim and kill a lot of totally innocent and helpless victims, some of which were just little kids standing to watch an historic foot race in a great American city on a beautiful morning was on the loose and could likely kill and injure lots more people if given the chance. He HAD to be found, I agree with that entirely.

What I am wondering about is whether anyone actually did go out during that time when you were supposed to be staying put inside. Did anyone have a craving for a TACO or a BIG MAC and say "I'm gonna go out and drive till I find a TACO BELL and get me a Burrito?" If you did, were you stopped by the police or detained? Were you allowed to go out and get a pack of cigs if you wanted one or a 6-pack of beer? Just how tight did the authorities have that city SHUT DOWN during that hunt? If you did venture out would you get stopped and charged? I can easily see a situation where you did go out for whatever reason and were stopped and arrested and charged with obstructing a LEO.

Do you know if anyone was arrested and charged for simply going out to get a Coke against the orders of the Authorities? What about those searches of the houses? Could you refuse to allow them in to search and tell them "there is no one here but me and my cat and I don't consent to you searching my home" without fear of arrest and prosecution?

Does anyone know if the authorities arrested lots of Bostonians for doing the things I asked about that ordinarily wouldn't be any big deal at all?

What about during the searches of the homes and police finding a bag of weed that someone has for their own use on the coffee table or on their nightstand? Do you think they'd arrest you if they ran across that during their house to house searches during that time?

I'm just curious if people were arrested and punished for things like that during the manhunt and if there was any push back against the LOCKDOWN that was imposed by the LEO's and Officials in the days after.

Are they any Bostonians in the house that can tell us what it was really like during those tense couple of days and how it was in the city and suburbs while the hunt was going on?

Thanks for the time.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"
Ben Franklin

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