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Urgent: SB221 was amended and passed senate today!

Taken from a post on in the Nevada Hometown forum

Oppose: SB221: Defacto Gun Registration.
Voted Today (Tuesday) in Entire Senate.

It still has to clear the finance committee and the Assembly before it can become law.

It was amended on the Senate Floor 4/23/13
Copy of Amendment:

I would not count on the finance committee killing this!
It is "Signature legislation" for the liberals/seditionist, the legacy they want to use in carving their names in history!
If they can ram this through in Nevada it will increase the likelihood of similar sedition going national!

Let me make a few observations, you may want to mention in letters to your reps and the finance committee.

I read the amended version, it still fails the "Reasonable man test", it is still overly complex and uses arcane legal language the average person is unlikely to fully understand.
For example:
"36 (c) A transfer of a firearm that is a gift or loan between family members who
37 are related by consanguinity or affinity within the second degree".
I'm sure all of our public school educated citizens will have no trouble understanding language like that! <S>

All FFL's are required to keep their records for twenty years and to turn them in to BATFE when they cease business.
So yes the bill does provide a clear avenue for creating a record of private owner transfers.

This bill appears to require that FFL's enter the private party firearm information into their "Bound Book" despite the fact the firearm is never in their possession or a part of their physical inventory.
This may be in conflict with Federal law, it certainly will create confusion in record keeping which may result in issues for BATFE - FFL inspections.

The repository/NICS is not to charge a fee for private transfers, but I saw no prohibition on dealer fee's.
If the "40% of transfers are private sales" figure is AT ALL correct, then the NICS will require a 40% expansion in staff and equipment.
But they will not be allowed to collect additional fee's to off-set those new cost, so who is funding this?
Are we to expect ANOTHER fee increase for sales on new firearms to make up the difference?
Perhaps 40% = $35.00 per background check?
All this despite the legislatures earlier promise that the NICS fee would go back to $15.00 once the new computer equipment was amortized?

Background checks by private parties get no state fee, but licensed dealer sales still require payment of at least $25.00.
Thats a real disincentive for law abiding dealers, and a certain incentive to create more under the table "Unlicensed Dealers".
Not exactly "Equality under the law" is it?

In addition SB221 is CLEARLY at least two (Three with the monetary portion) separate bills mashed into one.
It is a CLEAR violation of the single subject rule.
There is the "Mental health" portion, the fiscal portion, and the mandatory universal background check/registration portion.

I have a LOT to do today, I have to attempt to make a living, this is only scratching the surface of the problems with SB221.

CONTACT ALL Senators:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,

By Phone: Toll Free: 800-978-2878, 800-995-9080, 800-992-0973, Northern Nevada 775-684-6800, 775-684-6789 Southern Nevada 702-486-2626, Toll Free Fax: 866-543-9941

You may also share your opinion with Legislators at:

Due to inflation, my $.02 no longer matters.
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